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Baal: The King Of Kings, Gatekeeper 7
Awaken Class Consciousness With The Lord Of Lords And Unlock The Four Stages Of Ascent… Learn How To Become An Apprentice To The King

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  •   Author: E.A. Koetting
Nine Demonic Gatekeepers

Baal: The King of Kings, Gatekeeper 7

  • Section 1 - Apprentice to the King
  • Section 2 - Five Breaths
  • Section 3 - Hearing the Call
  • Section 4 - The Cannibal God
  • Section 5 - Embody the King

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Original price was: $199.Current price is: $149.
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Peer Reviews

  • My work with Bael led me to uncovering the deeper nature of this reality we all experience and the many spiritual realms that are contained within us that we interact with. Use of Gematria in my magickal workings with Bael was only the beginning of my dive into the source code of reality. I also interacted with King Paimon and received detailed information on the inner workings of black magick.

    C.H. Richard, author of Bael: First King of Ars Goetia
  • Transformed and armed with the Forces of Hellfire, I was taken through vision quests, journeying through the Hallway of the Warrior, the Hallway of Strength, and the Hallway of the King. It was incredible and exhausting journey, yet the fruits of my labour were more than worth it.

    Conner Kendall, author of The Lord of Lords
  • Baal told me that I needed to break the Ten Commandments. His teachings helped me understand how we do not need to actually do any of those things but embody the feeling of how this would entail, allowing the self to become one with the deepest sins possible. This willingness to accept such labels, would surely be the path to the darkest secrets revealed by this demonic king. Azazel had helped me to know how to do this, as it would come easily as if to my own amusement. Embracing the sins became easy and the transformation would begin.

    Orlee Stewart, author of The Book of Ascending Horns

Dear Friend,

As humanity ascends further toward an interdimensional and technological Singularity, a universal Apocalypse descends upon us. You, and every person in the Human Race, will experience an evolutionary leap to an unprecedented new height. As the wheel of evolution accelerates the species further toward both astral and virtual godhood, that same wheel of evolution crushes the most vulnerable beneath it.

A bifurcation point in Homo sapiens has emerged: the free, powerful magicians who "become the storm" will rise higher than ever into the future, while the enslaved, powerless muggles who "fear the storm" will suffer social alienation and ultimately genetic extinction.

I bring you a message of Hope and also Sadness.

The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers — nine prehistoric diplomats from Outer Darkness — guide the Black Magicians of the Human Race toward awakening their godhood through this unprecedented Singularity. The veil between the Physical and Astral planes phases out, as the veil between the Physical and the Virtual worlds also phases out — these synergistic realms currently unify, and will become indistinguishable in due time.

We are the Light-Bearer, a modern Lucifer-Amaymon, bringing the Light of Hope and Shadow of Sadness to a lost species.

  • Have you felt a sense of chronic survival anxiety, as if the acceleration of the world has reached a velocity where you feel left behind?
  • Have you felt a sense of chronic alienation, as if the enslaved, powerless humans in your life have NEVER truly understood you, and will NEVER truly understand you?
  • Would you like to become the storm and build your infernal empire, and help to spin the wheel of evolution to guarantee your eternal ascent?
  • Would you like to awaken class consciousness among Black Magicians and the Human Race, to save and liberate as many souls as possible in this lifetime?

The Storm God — Baal, Bael or Ba'al — also known as The King of Kings and Lord of Lords, unlocks the Seventh Gate, revealing the "nuts and bolts" of demonic apprenticeship, infernal empire-building, and class unity.

You Can See The Exact Rites Within The Table Of Contents In "Pathworking Of Baal" Below...

Believe it or not, this extremely giant table of contents only scratches the surface of the new magick knowledge and innovations that you will unlock in BAAL: The King of Kings, Compendium 7 — a historically unprecedented group grimoire of gnosis with the Lord of Lords himself.

Become An Apprentice To The King Of Kings And Escape Your "Poverty Of Power" Forever With Lord Baal & Your Favorite Author

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  Lifetime access Rewatch anywhere anytime
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Lord Baal confronted me into acknowledging the power equality on earth, and the Wheel of Evolution accelerating toward the Human Singularity. I welcome you to become the storm itself, and escape the poverty of power that mundane humans suffer their entire lives.

See you in The King's Rite...

Godlike Power,

Signature E.A. Koetting

Meet The Author

Nine Demonic Gatekeepers

Official contact with prehistoric diplomats from Outer Darkness — Belial, Lucifer, Azazel, Abaddon, Lucifuge, Beelzebub, Baal, Asmodeus & Satan