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Anthology of Sorcery Demon

How I Received A Mysterious Language In A Demonic Evocation, Which Eventually Revealed A Weird Trick For Materializing Spirits From The Ancient Nabataea Civilization...

Hey Friend,

In the fall of 2002, I was engaged in a series of magickal workings that have since not only altered me personally, but have also had an effect on hundreds, if not thousands of occultists across the world.

At the time, I wasn’t aware of the impact that these workings would have.  I didn’t even imagine that anyone else would ever be aware of what I was doing.

My Magickal Mentors Gave Me The Assignment...

My magickal mentors gave me the assignment that would require the utilization of all of the skills that I had learned.  Through channeling, I received magick squares, the numerous, connected square cells filled with letters in the English alphabet.

Scrying into these squares opened gateways into the various regions, or Kingdoms, in the astral plane, inhabited by some of the most interesting entities that I’ve ever come across.  Some of them appeared in human form, even dressed in period fashions, while other spirits in these realms manifested as entities with appearances difficult for the human mind to grasp.

Those spirits revealed their names, their symbols, and their powers, allowing me to call them into my world, activating their influence in my life with a potency surpassing most other entities I had worked with up to that point.

My journey in this particular pathworking didn’t come to an end after I had used Divination to channel the needed information; nor after I had used Soul Travel to visit their kingdoms and walk amongst these spirits; or even after using Evocation to call them into this world.  I assumed that this would signal the completion of this Working, but instead it turned out to just be the beginning.

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The Angels And Demons Began Transmitting Specific Information To Me...

The spirits of these kingdoms – angels and demons alike – began transmitting very specific information to me, in the form of incantations, both spoken and written, in a language that I had never seen before.  I recorded the spoken words phonetically, and I copied the written characters as best I could from the spirit visions of them.

These words of power, along with the various occult symbols that they are placed on, created talismans of living energy, literal magickal technologies that could be utilized with minimal effort, yet with maximum results.

One such device is the Universal Circle, bearing a specific set of symbols that presented themselves repeatedly throughout my revelations.  In fact, these appeared so frequently that I couldn’t deny their obvious importance.  They meant something, and they were to be used in a very specific way, but the specifics of the thing fled from me.

I plan on releasing a full disclosure concerning these symbols, their meanings, and the greater applications of this technology in the very near future… but that’s not the intention of this particular newsletter/video.  The short version is that I’ve only recently pieced together these details, with some impressive and insightful work by a few very competent occultists.

It Turns Out The Script I Received Was NOT An Alien Language... But In Fact Ancient Nabataea... A Form Of Aramaic

It turns out that the script that I received from the other side was not some demonic or alienic language, but is in fact ancient Nabataea, an old and irregular form of Middle Eastern Aramaic, and can even be said to be a “bridge language” between Aramaic and Arabic.

Some of the characters that I transcribed differ slightly from the archaeological reproductions of the Nabataean alphabet, but mainly just by a shifted angle or a minor marking.  It’s been suggested that perhaps what I received was indeed the original Nabataean, and that the historians and archaeologists have inaccurately pieced the language together.  While that theory isn’t completely without merit, it is more likely due to my ability accurately pen a language thousands of years old, which I had never even heard of until nearly a decade after having it revealed to me.

I Was Copying Symbols From The Air In Front Of Me

There’s also the minor fact that I was not transcribing from a written text on a page in front of me, but that I was copying symbols that appeared in the air in front of me, as immaterial as the spirits who showed them to me.

When the discovery of the origin of my revealed incantation was made, however, I petitioned those very same spirits and asked if I should alter the script to match up to historical Nabataean, and they were very clear that the characters that I have been using for the last decade should not be changed under any circumstances, which leads me to wonder even more about their origins.

As seems to be the case with the greatest civilizations in our past, we really don’t know much about the Nabataea’s, and it seems that history has written them off as an unimportant tribe possessing few original ideas and practices, instead simply absorbing the systems of the cultures and empires surrounding them, like Syria and Arabia.

As I’ve hunted down information about the Nabataea’s in order to further clarify my own questions about these incantations, I’ve discovered a culture and a spiritual system that is the very definition of unique.

Nabataeans were in actuality some of the most advanced practitioners of integrated spirituality in all of the Middle East.  This is a fact that is entirely ignored, just like the contributions of the Maya were ignored until recently.

The Nabataeans developed one of the earliest complete zodiacs, possibly beating the Greeks in their astrological calendars.  In fact, their sacred temples were built in a manner that allowed sunlight to shine on specific altars at specific times of the year, even casting shadows in the shapes of animals associated with the deity worshipped on that particular altar at that particular time of year.

Like the Yezidi and the Yatuki, the Nabataeans recognized the spiritual potency of running water, and so while their temples of worship were centralized in the cities, their practical magickal rites were conducted in grottos either on river banks, or set on top of the streams, allowing the natural gateway of water to carry their spells into the world.

Once again, my intention here is not to present a full analysis of Nabataean culture and customs, but this basic background sets the stage for a great number of revelations.

The Greatest Revelation I'm Compelled To Share Is Idol Worship

One such revelation – the one that I’m compelled to share with you today – relates to the Nabataean idol worship.

Like most religions and spiritual paths, the Nabataeans recognized the need to tether the spiritual forces to physical objects in the form of idolatry.

A unique characteristic of Nabataean idolatry, however, is that they were insightful enough to know that any form, image, or representation of these spiritual forces would be incomplete, and would become a distraction that would pull the mind of the Operator away from the Essence of those forces and would compel them to focus only on the Image.  In other words, they recognized the formless nature of the conscious powers that they invoked, and they also recognized the fallacy of human image-identification.

In order to anchor these forces to the earth and physical environment of the worshipper, yet at the same time avoiding polluting the perception with false image identifications of these forces, the Nabataeans represented these powers with cubes of black stone, roughly carved, with no anthropomorphic associations.

It’s genius, really:  what shape other than cube could possibly be as impersonal?

The Star-Worshippers Believed That Their Gods And Devils Lived In The Stars...

These black stone cubes were called Betyles, a word that also relates to meteorites and star-matter.  The Nabataeans were star-worshippers, believing that their gods and spirits and even some devils lived in the stars themselves, and that the stones that fall to earth from the stars are both gifts from these supernatural forces to men, as well as physical tether-points of their incredible powers.

The Kaaba in Islamic Mecca is, interestingly, a structure appearing as a black cube, which holds the most sacred object in that religion: a black stone which is understood to have come from a meteorite.  In fact, there is a very persuasive argument that Allah was created as a perversion of the Arabic god Hubal, which was a permutation of the Nabataean deity Al-Uzza.

The connections between Al-Uzza and Azazel is quite obvious, which brings this whole concept full circle back to why exactly Nabataean script was revealed to me in the most powerful incantations I’ve ever seen.  In the weeks and months from now, I’ll continue to reveal this Prophecy, as there is simply too much information to try to transit to you in one sitting.

The main point that I want to emphasize here is that through their use of cubic idols, ranging in size from stones that would fit in your pocket to cubes carved out of mountains, the ancient Nabataeans have surpassed even the most adept occultists and spiritualists of our time… myself included, in some regards.

We have bought into the idea that “seeing is believing,” and so we try to cram the immensity of the very forces of creation, sustentation, and destruction into human forms, or at least in to shapes that we can recognize, identify, and label.  Perhaps the Nabataeans had discovered something that I’ve been realizing more and more: that these powers that we invoke and evoke in our rites and our meditations are greater than any forms that we could give them.    Perhaps in even asking the question, “What does this spirit look like?” we are limiting our ability to access the fullness of its power.

Materialization Of Spirits Works In 3 Ascending Stages

Interestingly, the process of the materialization of spirits works in 3 ascending stages:

1. The spirit descends into the Temple as a blanket force, a felt presence, a spiritual essence which is formless, yet quite undeniably real.

2. Through astral structuring, through the conjurations, and through the focused will of the Evocator, the spirit assumes a form that is pleasing, or at the very least is recognizable as a being of some sort.

3. If the Evocation is pushed to its limits, however, a third manifestation of the spirit occurs, in which both the evoked spirit AND the Evocator merge, the conversation no longer occurring orally, the visions no longer flashing before the eyes, but the veil between the subject and the object has been removed.  In this moment, it is known that the nature of the spirit indeed is beyond form… as is the true nature of the Operator.  This is not a possession, but is the very alchemical wedding sought after by every spiritual being in existence.

Perhaps, then, the Nabataeans simply skipped over the first two stages of spirit materialization, going instead directly to the third stage, wherein the formless and therefore boundless essence of these powers are invoked without limiting them to specific shapes, colors, and attributes.

Perhaps there is more that we can learn from this secret civilization.  I will certainly be making a strong case in their favor in the coming weeks, because after nearly a decade of sitting on relics that I could not comprehend, I now know why the spirits revealed their secrets to me in this obscure language, and I know why my research and my rituals keep bringing me back to that one particular part of the world, in a particular era, when the Gods first gave men their Sacred Fire.

I'll talk to you again soon...

You friend,

EA. Koetting