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17 Of The World's Most Preeminent Magicians Unveil The Forbidden Secrets Of Infernal Power In Our Inaugural Edition Of Anthology Of Sorcery... Get Your Copies Right Now!!!

Hey Friend,

Over a year ago I embarked on the most rewarding and challenging occult adventure of my life...

My mission was to marshal the most diverse and elite force of black magicians to forge a living grimoire of sorcery... men and women who are real seasoned ritualists, and can reveal their most profound experiences with magick the Left Hand Path... no matter how dangerous or controversial their wisdom.

In other words, our Anthology of Sorcery is no-holds-barred, and totally uncensored. We HOPE it insults and offends you.

The explicit purpose of this explosive tome is to smack you in the face to wake you up to what black magick REALLY is, and what it's not. If the sinister literature smashes your preconceived notions, and forces you to question your beliefs, then it's proven effective. On the other hand, if it's a harmless and pleasant walk in the park, then it's a miserable failure.

To get your copy of Anthology of Sorcery, click the red button below:

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There are over 10,000 humans reading this newsletter right now, and over 100,000 magicians on Facebook reading my posts.

There are only 500 prints of the Anthology of Sorcery. The truth is, if you really want a copy or copies for yourself, you need to get it right this instant.

We don't keep extra copies - we sell them out fully.

If you miss out on this today, you'll lose out forever. And I'm sure that you'd deeply regret that, because this tome is a priceless historic achievement, that will appreicate immensely in occult and collector value over time.

So get going. Grab at least 3 copies for safekeeping, read every page in it multiple times, gift the additional copies to occult friends, or lock them in your spiritual library to let them appreciate in artistic value.

Act Now - Before It's Gone Forever

I'll talk to you again soon...

You friend,

EA. Koetting

P.S.I'm happy to report that I accomplished my original mission. And a year later I can honestly confess I'm insanely proud of what our band of 17 rebel sorcerers have achieved. Check out the book, you'll be happy you did.