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I Summon Archangel Michangel To Strike Back Against A Violent Witch Coven, And I Learn A Priceless Lesson In Commanding Magick Power

Hey Friend,

On one particular occasion, a client of mine was being magickally harassed by a coven of witches.  His health had given out without warning, his financial success evaporated, and he even started experiencing poltergeist activity, as well as at least one spontaneous "hag attack" while he was sleeping.

I asked why he thought this might be a curse, as most people who think they're cursed simply aren't very adept at managing their affairs, and often will find out that they are sabotaging themselves, rather than being victims of some evil curse.

Rather than just relying on some fleeting feeling of phantasmagoria, though, this particular client had good reason to believe that he was under a curse.  Three days into his suffering, he received a phone call from one of these witches, who laughed as she asked how he was feeling.

When he told her how every aspect of his life had taken a nose-dive, her cackle became hysterical.  She told him that he was being punished, and that his misery would continue to increase until he was finally dead.

My client confessed to me that this group of witches had discovered that he had been unfaithful in his marriage, and this group of witches were friends of hers, so their attacks against him could be construed as justified.  Nevertheless, he had hired me to protect him against their attacks, and so that's exactly what I did.

Without considering any other entity to work with, I broke out a scrying mirror, candles, incense, and the sigil of Michael, and began the conjurations.

Although the entire coven was helping in placing this curse, three of them in particular were leading the charge.  So, it was those three that I worked directly against.

Michael The Archangel's Face Appeared In My Mirror...

With Michael the Archangel's face visible in the black mirror, I commanded him to bind these three witches, so that they could no longer use their power to harm others.

Within 24 hours, the same witch called my client's phone, no longer laughing, no longer so sure of the potency of her curse.

"What have you done?" he reported her screaming at him through the phone.  Not only had their power been bound from harming my client, but it was as if their ability to tap into the spirit world was taken from them completely.  They could no longer astral project, summon spirits, or conduct the most basic spellcasting rituals.  Michael had bound them with a fury that I had never before witnessed, nor have I seen a binding hat effective since.

If you've been paying attention, I don't give the Judeo-Christian or the Islamic religions much slack for what is obviously a concerted effort to deprive their followers of their birthright as Living Gods.  Why, then, would I even turn to one of their angels for assistance, and why was Michael's help so powerful to protect my client, just as Raphael's aid has cured illnesses that no other spirit seemed to be able to touch?

The Epic Heavenly Battle Of "Angels Vs. Demons" Is A Myth

You see, spiritual entities are, for the most part, conscious and intelligent currents of power.  Despite what you may have been told in Sunday school, there is no invisible battle raging between the spirit followers of Satan and those who follow Yahwey.  In fact, the entire myth of demons versus angels is just that ... a myth.

That's like saying that the electricity that powers your laptop doesn't like the electricity that powers your washing machine.   Your washing machine may require a different amount or a different type of electricity than your laptop, and so the devices are approached differently with how they receive that electricity.  But, the electricity itself is the same.

Likewise, the power that angels can activate on your behalf is the same power that demons, elementals, planetary spirits, and bodhisattvas tap into to work their miracles in your life.  And this is the same limitless power that YOU have access to when you conduct your ritual operations.

Just like certain electronic devices need to be adapted to receive a certain range of electricity in order to work, your ritual approach needs to be adapted for your specific goals.  And, what hardly anyone out there is telling you is that your approach needs to be tailored to your own individual strengths, weaknesses, as well as your ingrained assumptions about the forces you're working with.

If I want to destroy my enemies, I've learned through my upbringing and my experience that those entities that we often refer to as "demons" are the most effective for that type of working.

If I want to call on a spirit that will reveal occult secrets, paths like Haitian Vodoun, Santeria, and Palo Mayombe have always rang as being the most mysterious, and so I turn to those paths and pantheons for those goals.

If the outcome that I want to manifest is healing or spiritual protection, though, I was taught as a very young child that these benevolent benedictions are handled by the angels.

We can challenge these assumptions, and often we'll learn that they are far from correct... but in times of sincere need, we're going to use what we KNOW will work.

When I call on Michael for protection or Gabriel for healing, I know that I'm not running back to some invented "god" begging for mercy, but that I'm reaching for the best tool available to me, and I'm commanding that tool to work for my benefit.

There Are Unwavering Conditions And Drawbacks To Angels That Bother Me As A Black Magician Though...

With all of that being said, there may be some potential drawbacks to working with angels rather than with other types of spirits.  The reason for this is that even though angels, like all spirits, are simply currents of specific power or energy, they are also conscious and intelligent, and they are entirely bound up in the Judeo-Christian paradigm, and they've been created basically as egregores serving that system, which can present certain challenges.

When working with angels, often they think that they know better than us,  that they will protect us from ourselves, shielding us from our own greed, rage, and lust.   In general, angels assume  that they have bigger plans than you or I could imagine, so we'd better listen to them.

I'm sorry, but that's simply not good enough for me.

Maybe they do know better, maybe not.  But either way, I am the God of my universe.  If I fail, then parts of my universe may be destroyed or compromised.  If I succeed, then parts of my world will become Eden.  Either way, though, it's MY call, and I'm prepared to be responsible for the consequences of my magickal actions, beneficial or maleficent.

It is actually because of this sense of magickal responsibility that I use the powerful tool of Divination, which allows me to see the residual effects of my workings, and determine how best to proceed.

You can learn how to use divination systems like dowsing, pendulum reading, tarot cards, and scrying, as well as direct spirit communication.

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Awaken Your Clairvoyant Omniscience

I talk a lot about demons and black magick, which may have you wondering if I recognize or utilize the more "Right Hand Path" energies as well, or if I've sworn allegiance solely to the forces of darkness.

The answer is YES.  Let me be clear: I will use any tool available to me, so long as it is the most effective one for the job.

When circumstances cal for it, I have no problem evoking angels to visible appearance before me, and asking for their help.

I've called on angels dozens of time to heal loved ones from illness and disease, and to protect them from harm.

By the way, evoking entities such as angels, or even demons, planetary spirits, elementals, and any other type of spirit out there, is pretty easy, once you've been trained in the exact methods that are guaranteed to work!

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Learn To Evoke Spirits To Appearance

I'll talk to you again soon!

Your friend,

EA. Koetting