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The Story Of My Free-Spirited Journey Into The Heart Of The Utah Desert... And My Advice For PROVING To Yourself That Magick Is Objectively Real, So You Build IRON CLAD Confidence

Hey Friend,

People ask me all the time, on interviews, consultations, or just in casual conversation: Why the hell do you live in Utah?  Why not move to a more liberal, open place like Portland, Washington state, or California.  And then, of course, folks from the UK say I ought to move there; people in Sweden that I talk to say that I'd love Sweden; basically, there seems to be a move on for me to root myself out of this festering hole of Christian conservatism.

I'm happy to say that I'm not going anywhere, at least not any time soon.

You see, I've lived all over the place.  Before I made the decision to produce an offspring and start doing things that everyone else does (like getting a bank account and paying taxes), I lived out of a suitcase, and always kept just enough money for a bus ticket somewhere else.

I wouldn't spend more than 6 months in one place, and would basically go wherever the spirits called me, wherever Brothers and Sisters in Power needed me, or wherever seemed new and fresh.

What was always lacking in every place I went to, though, and which I always had in abundance in southern Utah, is the great outdoors, uninterrupted by trails and tour guides.

I grew up as a child with the knowledge that if I walked east through the desert far enough, I'd run into a river that I could play in, and that when I wanted to go home I would just follow the setting sun.  I knew that if I stayed out long enough, my skin would turn bright red, but that, like a serpent, the skin would peel and I'd be a bit tanner and no worse for wear.

I knew what reptiles I could make friends with, and which critters could kill me.  I found out that water was essential, but that as long as I kept hydrated, most everything else would take care of itself.

There's always been a freedom in the desert that I have yet to find anywhere else.

...I Took Off Into The Wild Desert In Search Of The Forbidden...

This past weekend, while most families hunted for hidden eggs and paid homage to giant rabbits, I let my daughter's mother take her for the holiday, and some friends and I took off into the desert.

We didn't have a goal in mind, no real destination.  All we had was the freedom of the desert.

We drove across roads that my Korean built car was never designed to traverse, past the campsites, past the hiking trails, into the desert "lowlands."  When I saw the sign that said, "Camping Beyond This Point Forbidden," I knew that we were almost there!

We finally found ourselves on the sandy bank of the river that snakes it's way across Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada, our cars filled with enough food, beer, and water to keep us entertained and alive for the weekend.

Now, I'm saying "us" and "we" without telling you about this motley bunch.  I was accompanied by my girlfriend, who is more often than not the co-instigator of many of our shenanigans.  I had invited my kid brother, and my girlfriend had invited one of her friends, as well as a professional and academic colleague, to whom I'll refer here as "Tom."

It was somewhere after the second shot of tequila but before the third bottle of beer that her colleague asked about the inverted pentagram tattoo on my arm, being that we had just climbed out of the river and intended to spend the rest of the weekend with as little clothing as we could get away with, thereby exposing my tattoos along with a good deal of the rest of me.

The question led to a conversation, in which I found out that this man at least five years my junior is a nuclear engineer as well as an atheist.  I can't say that he held extreme conviction in his atheism, though, as he was quite keen to find out my view of spirituality.

The conversation was one that, as I was having it, I was thinking, "Wow, I wish I had this on film or even on a voice recorder, because Become A Living God subscribers would LOVE it!"

Without any of my record-keeping technology, I resolved to bring out some of the major points of this conversation for you to chew on a bit, so that you can have the opportunity of questioning yourself a bit, challenging yourself a bit, and hopefully arriving at a point of better clarity about what we're doing here!

Tom started out by saying that he doesn't believe in anything spiritual at all, and that people should focus only on what they can observe physically or scientifically.

I agreed with him on the point that a result needs to be observable, otherwise it's just fantasy and role-playing, but I also had to add that some of the very earliest human artifacts that have been found were not of coins or bowls or jewelry, but of amulets and talismans, specifically referring to the various "Venus statuettes" discovered in parts of Europe.

What this says to me is that at the very least, that not only has spirituality been important to humans as far back as we have evidence of human existence, but that the very first items weren't merely idols to be worshipped, but talismanic figures meant to produce a magickal effect in the world.

And that is the single thing that differentiates magick from all other paths or disciplines: IT WORKS!

The Objective Truth Is That Demons, Angels, Loa, Spirits, Familiars And Other Spiritual Enties Are REAL... And They Will Prove To You That MAGICK WORKS!

I was able to concede, as I had this conversation, that I leave open the possibility that demons, angels, gods, Loa, spirits, familiars, and all the rest are products of my psyche.

I personally don't accept that, as all of my experience has shown me that these things are as real as anything else in observable existence, but the "psyche-origination" theory is one that's been haunting the halls of occult conversation for over a century, and it would be arrogant of me to dismiss it as being even a remote possibility.

However, I made sure to point out, even though I'm still sane enough to question the sanity of all of this, I have journals filled with cause and effect.

In other words, I have in writing: "I performed this ritual for this goal."

And then, days or sometimes hours or minutes later: "Ritual success," and then details on exactly what I received and how.

This is the main distinction that I have to make.  Putting aside how crazy this all might seem to an outsider, the hard foundation is that IT WORKS.

Tom Asked... "If Magick Is Real, Then Why Do People's Prayers Hardly Ever Get Answered?

"Why, then," Tom asked me, "Do people's prayers hardly ever get answered?"

"Because they're not applying the proper fundamental principles to their spiritual operation," I answered.  "If you were to pray to whatever god you want, using the methods that I teach, your prayers would be answered every time.  It's a matter of learning the proper approach and syntax.  It's a system, and in order to benefit from it, you have to plug yourself in to it."

If you don't have some of these fundamentals yet, then I can only assume that you haven't gotten a copy of my "Become A Living God" e-book, which you can read RIGHT HERE.

In this e-book, I outline several cornerstone ritual practices and spellcasting methods that you can start applying IMMEDIATELY to any goal that you want to acheive!

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I'm available for all skill levels, from magus down to novice, and I specialize in showing you how to evoke spirits, cast effective spells, and pathwork black magick, Haitian Vodoun, and virtually any other system there is.

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So, I'm going to pass on this advice to you.

And pay attention this. Don't just go "Oh, I know this already". Actually implement it, because it has made a CRUCIAL CONTRIBUTION to my own success:

*** Keep a journal of your rituals.  Simply writing something down stores the information in your medium-term memory, which will make the experience register as a "real" experience in your brain.  This will also give you a path that you can retrace to see your successes, or to evaluate where you may have gone wrong.

*** In all of your workings, emphasize RESULTS over phenomenon.  Having strange and even miraculous things happen instantly is fun, and it happens increasingly more frequently as you go, but there is absolutely no substitute for success.  I say this as a magician who drives a new car and a killer motorcycle that I manifested with ritual, who lives in a home that I produced through ritual.  In fact, just about everything that I enjoy in life I can look back through my journals and see an entry of performing a ritual to bring that to me.

*** Lastly, don't get too caught up in proving to yourself or to others that what you're doing is valid.  As soon as we start seeking validation for our actions, we lose the essence of what we're doing.  Enjoy it.  Have fun with it.  And reap rewards through it.

II'll talk to you again soon!

Your friend,

EA. Koetting