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As you probably know, I've had quite a battle
on my hands to get the "Become A Living God"
e-book into your hands, and to move this
revolutionary project forward.
I'm here to tell you now that I have won
that battle.
Those who have sought to see me fall have
themselves fallen.  Their attacks have been
muted, their strength has been wasted, and all
the while I have pushed steadily towards the
fulfillment of my Destiny!

Here, I’ll say it clear as day:

Tomorrow at midnight you’re going to have the
risk-free opportunity to order and read my
revolutionary new eBook, “Become A  living God:
The Three Godlike Powers”.


Who: You and Me
What: Become A Living God eBook
When: Tomorrow at 10am (New York City time zone)
Why: to get the secrets to learning the 3
most important powers in magick: divination,
evocation, and soul travel

Yup, and that applies to you no matter what
kind of magick you like...
These skills are “neutral”. It doesn’t matter
if you’re a white or black magician. It doesn’t
matter if you’re Wiccan, Satanic, or independent.
To succeed with magick, YOU NEED TO DEVELOP
THESE SKILLS... and my eBook is your guide. It
will put you on the “fast track” to success.

1) You'll learn the specifics of the 3 Godlike
Powers of omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence,
and how you can start accessing those right away in
your life!

2) The e-book will give you detailed information about
various pathworking systems that you can use to enhance
your power, refine your abilities, and increase your
knowledge of the mysteries!

3) You'll be given several high-powered rituals that you
can start using NOW to create dramatic changes in your

And this is just THE BEGINNING... I could go
on and on listing all the cool things you’re
going to learn with this book, and all the ways
it’ll improve your life and magick PERMANENTLY.

But let me be honest...

I think some of the MOST IMPORTANT LESSONS
you’re going to learn when you read “Become A
Living God” are the following. How to:

- Stop doubting your natural right to be magickal
(You were BORN a Metaphysical Being, then LEARNED
to be a physical robot on the “grind”. This
book will teach you to “un-learn” your bad

- Stop making excuses for why you CAN’T succeed
(because you CAN succeed)

- Deprogram your “mind control” installed into
you by society, government, school, parents,
and the world in general (Re-learning to be
a Spiritual Soul is KEY to growth)

And of course I provide you commentary
and detailed specifics on what to do to achieve
each of these goals.
One of the CRUCIAL things you need to do
to unlock the doors to spiritual enlightenment
and magickal mastery, is to UN-DO the negative
programming you received throughout your entire
THE TRUTH is that your parents, friends,
and the rest of the people in your life meant
you well... but FAILED YOU in the area of
Chances are, they just didn’t know better.
We’ve all heard it before:

“Magick is not real.”
“Psychics are scammers.”
“This world is all there is.”
“When you die you become dirt.”
“If magick was real everyone would be doing it.”

And on and on. And you know what? There
may be a shadow of truth to some of this stuff.
But guess what? Ultimately ALL THOSE STATEMENTS ARE FALSE.

Here's what's real and true:

- “I am a magickal being first, a human second.”

- “I am developing my natural psychic powers.”

- “I stay educated and ahead of the evolutionary

- “I lead my family and friends toward truth
and act as a role model of success and power to
everyone around me.”

You are the Godlike force that can move your
life's circumstances at will!
My eBook, “Become A Living God” is a VITAL
STEP in the direction of Human Evolution and
Magick Power.

I once had a mentor of mine tell me, "E.A, you
have a choice to make.  You can live a life of greatness,
or you can keep doing what you've been doing."
I chose the first path, and nothing has been
the same since!

So tomorrow, at midnight BE SURE TO TAKE ACTION:

-    Get the eBook
-    Read it all the way to the end
-    Do everything you learn in it
-    Use your spiritual and magick gifts FOR GOOD
-    Invite your friends to read the eBook as well

Your evolution, and the evolution of our
entire species depends on ALL OF US TO TAKE ACTION
when it counts.

So one more time, here’s your action plan


1.    Order and download eBook
2.    Read cover to cover with diligence
3.    Implement your new powers to evolve
4.    Educate your loved ones to do the same

That’s it. Now the KEY is in your hands.

UNLOCK THE DOOR - Tomorrow at midnight (New York City time).

I’ll talk to you then...

Your Friend,


Real Magick. Real Results.®

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