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Becoming The Mouthpiece Of Your Own Godself: Wielding Orations, Chants, & Incantations Like Swords!

Hey Friend,

I've gotten A LOT of emails from subscribers telling me how much they enjoyed my recent interview with author, S. Connolly... and how much they learned from it, as we openly discussed some of the MOST FORBIDDEN subjects like demonic worship, blood sacrifice, curses, and necromancy.

These interviews are more than just entertaining: they're vital.  They allow me to pry behind the mystery and get to the core of what makes magick work and work astoundingly for the most accomplished magicians.

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I'm the type of person who wants to share all of the interesting things that I learn and all of the insane experiences that I have with other people.

I've always been that way.

So, when I started to learn enough about the occult to have some measure of fluency in the theory and practice of magick, I started sharing my discoveries with other people who were interested.

When it came down to the nuts-and-bolts, "how to" of ritual, though, I noticed that just about everybody asked the same question.

In fact, fifteen years and several thousand students later, I find that most of the people that I share these occult practices with are concerned about the very same thing.

*** It isn't about the candle colors.

*** They're not worried about messing up the sigil drawing.

*** In fact, they're not even too concerned about not being able to get into the right state of mind and being.

The one predominant concern that I notice people having when they're trying to get a handle on a new type of ritual is:  "What do I say?"

And it really is a valid concern.

Language Is Magick In Essence, And It Possesses Immeasurable Occult Power...

There is without a doubt a certain and irreplaceable power in language.

In fact, throughout a good deal of human history, language and magick were one in the same.  Every word was an invocation of a specific force, or a prayer offered up to a specific god.

The general understanding of this principle of the power of language has been lost, and it seems only in the world of ritual and magick is this connection alive.

Through magick incantations, the desired outcome is worded in a way that makes the most sense with the least amount of words.  This simple phrase is then recited repetitively throughout the peak of the ritual, condensing an otherwise vague desire into a solid force that can be channeled through the ritual.

Sometimes these incantations will be in foreign or ancient tongues, which activates a part of the mind that is dormant when ordinary language is used, and which also adds to the perceived mysteriousness of the ritual.

Other orations are used in which the language is of no human origin, either being delivered to mankind from spiritual forces beyond, or through human imagination... or both.

Various chants and mantras possess power on their own as well, having a sort ofenvironmental-charging effect, as giving the mantra out loud produces a noticeable shift in the energetic and spiritual environment, which will also sometimes produce an equal effect in the physical environment, such as sudden weather shifts, or automatic and spatially-confined temperature shifts.

Bija Mantra, gayatri mantra, Demonic enns, and Enochian calls all fit into this category.

Lastly, and most simply, we are left with simple orations, being invocations or supplications to the spiritual forces.  These are often indistinguishable from prayers, other than the fact that if you give such orations in a ritualized setting, and with the proper application of basic occult principles, you'll actually produce an effect!

Now, even though orations of all varieties are cornerstone to just about every occult practice, people get way too hung up on the specifics.

One reason that many traditional grimoires are not only wrong, but also potentially dangerous, is that they perpetuate this misunderstanding by claiming that if your invocations and conjurations are misspoken even by a letter, that the Operation will turn against the Operator.

Nothing could be further from the truth, unless, of course, you buy into that idea and manifest it in your ritual.

The reality of the issue is that, for the most part, the orations given in ritual cause a change in you, in the magician.  All other effects rising from the use of any sort of spoken command emanate from the magician.

3 Pointers For Unlocking The Potency Of A Conjuration

So, when you write out your conjurations and incantations, keep these few pointers in mind:

1st Pointer:Keep it simple. The spirits won't be impressed by your ability to weave words, and you'll likely end up tripping over them.  Remember that in ritual, you will be settled firmly in the theta brainwave state.  This isn't a state where deep intellectualization occurs, but is instead a state that allows us access to information inaccessible to normal consciousness.  If you have to stop and think about the next word that you're going to say, you're likely going to pull yourself up into alpha or beta brainwave states, and thus pull yourself out of immediate presence of the spiritual.

2nd Pointer:Make it direct.  Don't beat around the bush about what you want.  If you want a spirit to come, say, "Spirit, come."  If you want more money, say, "Deliver to me the money that I need."

3rd Pointer:Relax!  If you bungle a syllable or mispronounce a name, the gates of hell aren't likely to swallow you whole.  If you're using a lengthy conjuration (which I don't normally suggest), or if you're performing a complex ritual, it's okay to write a few notes in a book and glance at it from time to time.  I would advise writing your own notes rather than reading verbatim, though, as once again, we do want to remain in the theta state throughout the ritual.  And if you do find yourself pulled back into normal consciousness because you're trying to remember the name of the spirit or the specific phrase you wanted to use, bring it to mind, and then get back into the ritual, and you'll find that everything is waiting for you just as you left it!

MAGUS TIP: Prophesy What Kind Of Success A Ritual Can Trigger Before Performing It... I Call It Performing "Reconnaissance"...

As I integrated direct spellcasting and ritualwork into my normal magick practice, I began performing DIVINATION before any attempts to change my reality, to see how it could turn out. It's CRUCIAL to see what circumstances or factors may influence an ultimate success, so that I can adeptly nagivate around them.

Often times, a "blind" magician (someone who doesn't perform divination) will just sprint full speed into a ritual with their guns blazing, without taking time to scope out the landscape of the occult forces first.

This is the equivalent of a military group of armed marines hopping out of a helicopter in a foreign land without doing any reconnaissance first, to ensure safety and identify hazards!

One of the BIGGEST tips I can give to aspirants that TRULY want to unlock their fullest potential with occultism is to use divination to *read* the results a ritual will get prior to investing all your hard work and energy into it.

Obviously, if the feedback you get from your propecy looks poor, it's wise to abstain from the ritual for the time being!


After all, if you've turned on your clairvoyant foresight, this is perfectly achievable, right?

On the other hand...

If you HAVEN'T nailed down your personal Omniscience, and don't quite now how to perform accurate divination yet, I'll show you EXACTLY what you need to do, inside my "Mastering Divination: Omniscience" program, which you can literally start watching within a few minutes from right now. It's available for instant access online. Click right here to learn more:

How To Perform "Reconnaissance" To Confirm Future Successes Of Key Rituals

Friend, use this as a personal test of your godly mettle...

When you can prophesy the success of a future ritual, then proceed to perform the ritual and get the exact results you desire, you are a true magus, and have Become A Living God!

And this is PRECISELY what I'm helping you attain through all my programs, newsletters, seminars, and interviews... the question is, what are you going to do about it?

I'll talk to you again soon!

Your friend,

EA. Koetting

P.S. Thank you for making "The Complete Works of E.A. Koetting" the BEST SELLING high-end talismanic grimoire of its kind in occult history... as far as I know.

We've CERTAINLY set a new milestone together!!!