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Timothy Has Written A 32-Page Carpet Bomb That Annihilates White Magicians, Judeo-Christians, Islamists, And Any Other Haters Of Black Magick... The Black Magick Manifesto!

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Black Magick Manifesto by Timothy

Hey Friend, Timothy here.

I have written a blistering 32-page carpet bomb, a gorgeous little booklet on black magick that I will give away 100% FOR FREE ON APRIL 26th, entitled, Black Magick Manifesto: The Conscience of the Left Hand Path.

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Many of you folks have grieved that you missed the release of my tour de force last year, Black Magick: The Left Hand Path. So I have hammered together the main ideas of that 413-page text into this brief, explosive pamphlet.

Specifically, it consists of 500 physical copies in limited edition, that I have fundedentirely out of my own pocket.

It furnishes all the most ingenious, need-to-know ideas behind the philosophy of the Left Hand Path in the clearest, and simplest manner. I will say with certainty that nothing like this has ever existed, because it contains authentically original insights. You could call it the Sparknotes study aid to black magick.

If you have any confusion at all about what the Left Hand Path school of thought stands for, or who its greatest sages are like Friedrich Nietzsche, Max Stirner, Jean-Paul Sartre, or its most frequently asked questions, or the critical differences between black magick and white magick, then you need to study this.

I am releasing the booklet 100% for free, so you will no longer have any excuse for stupid errors or negligent mistakes in regards to what the Left Hand Path means as a worldview. [press] So for example, when a douchebag white magician or Christian shit talks black magick on Facebook, you can finally smack them down and put them in their place with clear, strong logic. Of course, you could also just ignore them, but times do arise when you need to defend yourself. Additionally, needless to say, if you are a former white magician who would like an introduction to the tenets of black magick, then I welcome you, and honor your apostasy.

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I'll talk to you again soon...

You friend,


P.S. I am giving this gift to you, because I personally love the Left Hand Path, and feel happy to donate a little of my own time and resources to it. Moreover, this manifesto will have no copyright. Which means you can steal the fire from the gods, so to speak. The symbol on screen of the fist clutching the lightning bolt signifies just that. In other words, you can copy, share, reprint, translate, do anything you want to the material, so long as the cosmic blaze consumes future generations.