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Tap Into The Hermetic Power Of The Hebrew Gods And Receive Special Blessings From The Archangels In Magick Ritual

Dear Friend,

SURPRISE: I've created a Circle of Solomon!

My previous magick circle, the Universal Circle, was such an immense success that my art team decided to design an all-new Circle of Solomon from scratch, so we could create them in our private workshop.

Well, months later, here they are, neatly folded inside protective shrinkwrap, waiting for YOU.


The truth is, I'm well-known for my devotion to darkness and demonism, but in my 20 years of occultism, many of the MOST POWERFUL entities I've encountered were in fact ANGELS - not demons. (I suspect that some angels were really demons in disguise!)

To Become A Living God, You Need To Master Both Angelic And Demonic Magick... And The Circle Of Solomon Is Specially Designed To Harmonize Your Energy With Angels And The Elements

Now, I've committed my life to the Left Hand Path, but I do firmly believe that to Become A Living God, you need a well-rounded mastery of both angelic and demonic magick.

This is why I'm confident releasing a ritual tool that is exclusively devoted to honoring the Gods of Hermetic Qabalism and angels of the Right Hand Path.

To be fair, evoking angels does not necessarily mean you are "dabbling" in white magick - I've found certain angels perfectly willing to cooperate in workings I could only describe as diabolical and sinister.

Here Are 7 Reasons Why My Circle Of Solomon Is A "Must Have" For Any Serious Ritual Magician

Here are 7 facts that set my Circle of Solomon apart from everything else...

Reason #1. The colors are CORRECT.

Reason #2. The shapes are PRECISE.

Reason #3. The fabric is DURABLE.

Reason #4. The circle is AFFORDABLE.

Reason #5. Angels are EXTREMELY POWERFUL.

Reason #6. It's a gorgeous occult WORK OF ART.

Reason #7. There are ONLY 100 AVAILABLE.

If I were you, I'd get at least 3 of these circles, so I had them for the rest of my life. I'd hate to see you miss out on this incredible opportunity.

The only other alternatives are to create your own Circle of Solomon, which is difficult and often disastrous; or to buy one from a private friend, which is always ridiculously expensive.

If you are a truly serious ritualist, then you *NEED* to act now, because I'm confident these will sell out quickly. The magicians who read this newsletter are dedicated and ferocious, and ARE going to take action.

To learn more about my Circle of Solomon, and watch a video where I show it off, and explain it's intricate details and powers, click RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW:

Click Here To Get Yours Now - Only 100 Available

I do my very best to help you succeed with your Magick Ascent in every way I possible can. I'm honestly recommending you grab a few of these Circles so you can excel with angelic magick right away.

I'll talk to you again soon...

You friend,

EA. Koetting