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SOLD OUT: Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis...
However, If You Suffered A Technical Difficulty And Could Not Order, Then Do This...

Hey Friend,

We created 100 books. The majority sold out in 53 minutes, then our shopping cart lagged, and the last minority took 7 hours.

Come sun up, we received countless tickets at the help desk from distraught souls who took action at midnight, but ran into a brick wall of technology. And by the time the shopping cart functioned for them, the treasury of books had sold out completely.

In our judgement, this unjust bad luck deserves recompense. So for this reason, we will create a special one-time circumstance whereby you can place your order for a copy of Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis until New Years Day. Wherefore we will authorize the creation of a limited number of additional books to cover the misfortune of these folks.

To clarify, we would never enact this solution unless we deemed it critically necessary. Quite a few magicians stayed up late into the night trying again and again to place an order to no avail, and without fault. If you stood in their shoes, you would agree it sucks. They missed out due to technical failure, not laziness or tardiness. Click the button below to complete your order now.

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The delivery time for this extra round ranges between 4-6 weeks, because it will require the act of printing and brinding—in exactly the same design. Be grateful, be patient, and thank you.

Talk soon...