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How To Balance A Secret Life Of Sorcery With A So-Called “Normal” Life… What The Science Of Magick Reveals About The Quality Of Our Live

Magick is the art and science of causing verifiable change in the external world in accordance with your will. In this sense, magick as a force of nature is available to everyone. It does not discriminate socially.

If you would like to discover how to harness the science of magick to increase the quality of your life, you need to check this out:

How To Evoke Spirits

What this science requires is an outside world to observe, to verify your results in. If you are spending your entire time and your entire life in magick, and if you don’t have a life outside of your ritual chamber, you’re not going to have a very good feedback loop.

The outside world then, and specifically the quality of your life, is the mirror that reflects back at you how your magick is doing. If you are performing ritual after ritual and your life isn’t getting any better, then it’s clear that something needs to be adjusted. You can’t keep applying the exact same methods in the exact same way if they’re not getting results… and those results are seen on the outside world.

We need the outside world. We need the imperfect world. We need problems that need solutions. We need things that need us to help them and push them and make them perfect.

In order to do this we have to have a life outside of magick.

Our Lives Are Mirrors That Allow Us To See Ourselves... What Do You Want To See In Your Mirror?

Our lives are mirrors that allow us to see ourselves.

If you are purposefully trying to make every minute of every day a magickal moment, then there is more work for you to do.

True power is effortless.

Magick at first is an experiment that we conduct, simply to see if it works.

Then, it becomes a tool that we can use to change the world in the ways that we want to change it.

Pretty quickly, though, magick becomes not just something that you do, but something that you are! You have become a magickal being.

Not that you “need to be” a person whose life is all about magick, but that’s just who you are. You find pretty quickly that you can’t watch a movie, listen to music, or read a book without getting some deeper meaning behind it all.

You get to the point of realizing that magick is all-pervasive.

The wind will blow, but rather than just seeing it as the wind, you’ll begin to recognize it as the voice of the spirits speaking to you.

When good things happen in your life, rather than just excusing them as happy coincidences, you’ll begin to understand that this is due to your energy being in proper alignment.

And when bad things happen in your life, when everything turns to chaos and you encounter struggles, you’ll know that this is the Voice of Magick telling you something and showing you something that you couldn’t see before.

This increases until you really do see the world as a mirror. You begin to understand that what is going on inside is immediately reflected by the outside world.

But this isn’t something you “should do.” It isn’t something that you “need to do.” This is a natural byproduct of your Ascent. As you engage with Magick on a conscious level, on a mindful level, and on a consistent level, that every aspect of your life is seen through the lens of magick.

You do have to have a good life that you’re engaging with, have real relationships, real friendships, activities that you do that aren’t overtly magickal.

This doesn’t mean that you have to disconnect from magick, because once you are a truly magickal being you can’t do that. You can’t go back to the world and forget all that you’ve learned and all that you’ve become.

Your Quality Of Life Tells You About Your Magickal Strength

It’s important for me to have a clear mirror, not just to see that my magick is working, but to really know that I’m getting something positive out of it, that it is benefiting my life in a massive way!

So, there isn’t really a requisite degree of separation that you need to have between your magickal practices and your life. But it is important to have a life.

But if I’m just secluding myself away in my temple all the time, I can feel as enlightened and powerful as I choose. But the real test is the reflection of the outside world.

That’s what’s amazing about the external world - it acts as a feedback device. And the things that you are doing need to impact your quality of life.