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Hi, Friend,

My new e-book, "Become A Living God" has been out
for a little over a week now, and the response
has been fantastic!

I keep hearing, "Wow, you've really outdone your
self this time," and a lot of: "It's about time that
someone wrote a book on magick that I can actually
understand and use."

If you haven't ordered your copy, along with a
free trial of my Interviews series, you can still
download them RISK-FREE at:

Now that all of this incredible information
about the most arcane occult practices is in your
hands, all you have to do is put together the ritual
and start to realign the universe to your liking!

And THAT is where I know many of you have hit
a roadblock.

It's not that you don't have the information,
because it's there in the e-book, in the articles
on my website, and the secrets of power are trickled
throughout these newsletters.

It's not that you don't have the tools, because
as you have most likely seen in reading the "Become
A Living God" e-book, REAL magick doesn't require
very much.  You don't need a blasting rod, the
Staff of Moses, or the Ring of Solomon.  YOU are
the vehicle through which your power moves into
this world!

What you may have found that you're missing is
the time to actually perform ritual, to meditate,
to evoke, and basically to do any of the little
things that allow you access to your own Godlike

Maybe you can't get your husband to watch the
kids for thirty minutes, or you don't want to have
to explain why the bedroom door is locked and the
air reeks of Dittany of Crete or Copal Resin incense.

Maybe it's that you work ALL THE TIME, and
your free time isn't free at all, due to the demands
of life and family.

Maybe you just have so much going on all the
time that taking a few minutes out doesn't even
seem possible!

I have to tell you, one of the things people
ask me is, "How do you find the time to write
book after book, do radio interviews, provide
personal spiritual consultations, get involved
in a project as massive as Become A Living God,
all on top of raising a child?"

I have a few answers for that:

1.  I'm obsessed.  Absolutely obsessed.  When I
was quite young, I got a taste of real power,
verifiable spiritual force capable of exacting
incredible change in the world, and it became
apparent to me that no other goal in life is
as monumental as tearing the veil between the
physical and the spiritual, penetrating to that
other side and pulling the kingdom of heaven and
hell to earth.  I don't watch t.v., I'm not a
big sports fan although I'm quite physically
active, I don't maintain online farms or virtual
mob families.  None of that is nearly as
interesting as breaking through to the crossroads
of possibility and making the impossible manifest!

2.  I've learned to take time for magick and
spirituality when it presents itself.  I'll
enter into the theta/gamma sync and even a
full rapture while waiting for my coffee to
brew, sitting at the DMV, waiting in line
at the grocer, waiting in lines at the theater.
In fact, waiting in lines of any sort is a great
opportunity to tune in and experiment with
consciousness, and then with reality.  I've also
found that if I maintain the attitude of looking
for the opportunity to arise, that it quite
naturally WILL arise, and I'll eagerly snatch it up!

3.  I've taught myself to work in doses.  If I
don't have time for a full evocation, I'll open
a sigil on a piece of paper, which will allow the
power of the spirit to work in my life.  I've found
that I can do this without much ritual, and even in
public and daylight.  I've also noticed, to my
amusement, that when I bring my attention away
from the sigil and back to the world around me,
bystanders have given me a wide berth, atavistically
sensing the power of the sigil and not wanting
to stand too close to the fire!

Basically, there is time, and as long as you
remain receptive to the time that presents itself,
you'll find yourself moving steadily and consistently
towards your own Limitless Potential.

We'll talk more later!

E.A. Koetting
Godlike Power

Real Magick. Real Results.®

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