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Exposing Myths About Initiation Into The Mystery Schools... My Thoughts On Gurus, Self-Dedication And "Required" Initiation Rituals

Hey ,

I can remember pretty clearly when I finally decided to stop endlessly studying the occult and instead move into the practical application of the thing.

I had already performed a few basic rituals.  A love spell or two.  A ritual to resolve minor legal troubles I found myself in.  Nothing too far out there.

I found myself at the point, though, when it was apparent that in order to move farther, in order to access more of this power, I would need to draw a symbolic "line in the sand," and state in a resolute manner that I was dedicating myself to the true study and discipline of the Gods.

It was also necessary at that point that I make a formal introduction of myself to those powers that I was calling.  After all, those forces would be much more likely to respond to my requests if they actually knew who I was.

I Figured Out That In The Occult There Is Often More Disinformation Than Information

But, as I started to study this subject, I found a LOT of conflicting information.  I would find out later that in the world of the occult, there is often more disinformation than actual, usable information.

One source told me that it would be impossible for me to initiate myself into the mysteries.  They insisted that I would need to seek out a proper temple or coven and request from the Master or Mistress of the Coven to initiate me.  Of course, such an initiation would carry a financial cost on top of the travel expenses that I would incur.

Aside from having to beg for initiation, and then pay for initiation, I would also be required to study under that coven, to sweep the floors of their Temple, to basically do the grunt work for them, all in order to prove my worthiness to receive.

Is this how Living Gods should be treated?  I certainly don't think so.

This is the guru-worship mentality that pervades the occult, and NEEDS to be done away with.

"There Is Nothing Greater Than What I Can Become..."

It was at that point that I started to formulate a statement that would forever guide my spiritual path:

"There is nothing greater than what I can become."

Allowing yourself to learn from others, and even taking on guides and mentors, is one thing.  Worshipping those individuals is quite another.

The second issue that I noticed when looking at the subject for the first time several years ago is that there seems to be a divide between "Self-Initiation" and "Self-Dedication."

The basic theory is that Self Initiation is a specific and targeted ritual that puts you into the magickal path of your choice, while Self Dedication is a more casual ceremony, essentially forming a ritualized statement of your intent to dedicate yourself to that path.

If You Dedicate Yourself To Magick You WILL Get The Attention of The Spirits - Whether You Want It Or Not

From what I can see, the only difference is that of semantics.  If you dedicate yourself to a specific spiritual path - or practical spirituality in general - in a ritual format, you WILL indeed gain the attention of the spirits and the powers within that path.  They will recognize you, and will begin to work with you in return.

The third and final misconception about Self Initiation is that it's necessary.

Adherents of specific paths will preach that without their particular brand of initiation or self-initiation, you will never succeed.

It should be noted that there is always a period of adjustment when entering the spirit world.  Not only will you have to get used to the spirits that you're working with, they will also have to get used to you!

The "User Friendly" Way To Initiate Yourself Into A Magick Path

All of this considered, the best way to initiate yourself into the spiritual path is to start actively engaging in the disciplines of that path.

In other words, jump in and get to work, and you'll see how fast all of this starts flowing for you!

If you feel like you want to do something ritualistic to embark on your journey, I'd suggest simply lighting a couple candles, meditating on your desire and intent, and once you feel the power building around you, state: "I welcome all powers and all spirits aligned with my Destiny and my goals, and I ask that you welcome me into Power.  So it is done!"

It's that easy!

I'll talk to you again soon...

Your friend,

EA. Koetting