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Exposing The Grand Conspiracy: How Our Evolution Is Held Hostage To Fear

Hey Friend,

As you know, my "Mastering Divination: Omniscience" program is coming this Halloween- next Wednesday.

Are you ready to gain spiritual sight?

Isn't it time you finally get the power to see and hear spirits with clarity - and finally be a REAL magician... not just someone who "reads" about it?

Wouldn't you like to permanently eliminate your astral blindness and deafness, learn to perform REAL divinitory sorcery, and read people's energy with scrying, tarot, stones, runes, and more?

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As I've been deeply involved in the global occult community, it's been nearly impossible to not discuss or come across the topic of conspiracies.

The different types of conspiracy theories out there are just about as diverse as the people claiming them.

There's the oldy-but-goody of a power elite who use politics, religion, and ritual manipulation to control the masses and push the world deeper into war and devastation of every sort.

There's the conspiracy theory about certain blood-lines descended from a demonic race, or an alien race, or an inter-dimesional species, granting its heritage not only wealth and political power, but occult power as well.  These are easy to spot, say the theorists, because they are not actually human, but are instead some kind of reptilian-human hybrid.

There are all sorts of theories about various governments controlling the masses through chem-trails, subliminal messages, drugs in the water supply, etc., ad naseum.

Illuminati.  Freeemasonary.  Bohemian Grove. Believe me: I've heard it all.

And to be honest with you, some of it actually makes sense.

But then again, some of it seems like complete foolishness.

There is ONE conspiracy out there that I've been uncovering.

This conspiracy is one you'd never suspect.

In fact, even though I've been looking it right in the face, it didn't seem clear to me.

That is, it didn't seem clear to me, until I started working on my Mastering Divination Course Program.

What I realized as I put this program together, as I drew up the initial notes and started figuring out how to formulate a coherent course program that ANYBODY can use, regardless of previous experience.

I asked around to members of Become A Living God about what they've had issues with, and came up with a list.

Once I looked at that list, I had to basically do what's called a "Root Cause Analysis," where you look at a common set of connected problems and ascertain what the root cause of those problems is.

It Was At This Exact Point That I Saw This "Grand Conspiracy" Staring Me In The Face!

The issue that so many people have with any - and ALL - occult practices is that they try to make them more difficult than they really are.

And THIS is the stumbling block.  But it is a stumbling block placed in your path on purpose!

Let's get down to the reality of all of this.  Magick is easy.  Soul Travel is easy.  Divination is easy.  Hey, I'll even say it right here and now: Evocation is easy!

You and me and everyone else in the world is born with all of the faculties necessary to perform the miraculous.

We are all born as infant gods, and just like learning how to walk and talk, we are SUPPOSED to learn how to Become Living Gods in THIS lifetime.

I'm even going to go a step further: since YOU are reading this newsletter, since YOU are following my works and actively engaging in your own spiritual development, YOU are better predisposed to power than your average person.

So, YOU have an advantage over ALL of the other infant gods around you.

Yet, I can see you struggling.  I can see you trying and trying to get these things to work.  I can see you working your butt off to learn the secrets of the occult.

I've done the same thing.

In fact, I've spent most of my life doing that, over and over again.

But you know what I found out?

The Secret Key To Unlimited Power Is...

I found out that the secret key to power is to ALLOW it to happen.  Allow yourself to receive unlimited knowledge. Allow yourself to push unlimited power into the world.  Allow yourself to snap out of your body and across the spiritual planes.  Allow yourself to materialize spirits in the room and command them to do your will.

All of this is so very easy, the second that you learn to get out of your own way.

Most other so-called gurus and authors and spiritual what-nots out there want to tell you how hard this is. They want to make you think that you have to be special to do these things.  They want to make you feel like without them, you'll never be able to attain Godlike Powers.

This has been going on for centuries.

Remember when the only people who were taught to read and write were nobility and clergy?

"It's just too hard for you to worry your little head about," they would say.

This has all of the appearance of a system of control actively trying to keep you from realizing your true potential as a Living God.

And I'm here to tell you that it is an utter and complete lie.

NAKED TRUTH: Everything You Can Be, You ALREADY Are.

Now, it's time to start awaking the sleeping God within you!

We'll talk again soon!

Your friend,

EA. Koetting

P.S. Remember to GET READY for Mastering Divination on Halloween! This winter, true clairvoyance and Godlike OMNISCIENCE is all yours!!