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FIRST LOOK! Full Live Ritual Cut Right Out Of The Black Rites Of Azathoth By S. Ben Qayin... Watch Now In High Definition

Hey Friend, S. Ben Qayin here...

You had signed up to receive a full cut of my penetrating ritual with Nyarlathotep. You can watch it right here:

First Look At Black Rite »

As you know, the grimoire, cinema pathworking, and ritual circle all become available for preorder on July 19th. Schedule it in advance so you can act at the stroke of midnight. If you cannot join me at night, then I invite you to do so early the next day, because the grimoires probably will not exist anymore a few days later.

Seek The Occult Counsel Of An Experienced Black Magician, And Tap Into Your True Magical Potential...

As you may or may not know, I do tarot readings, magical consultations, and perform rituals for hire. Here is a full look of what you can do with me:


1. Tarot card readings under my own chaos spread, Simita Autem Chaosium

2. Personal consultations for personal instruction and advice


3. Love, Money & Ascent to ignite awakening and growth in these areas

4. Vampiric techniques for essential energy renewal

5. Necromantic sorcery to connect you with deceased loved ones

6. Demonic pacts for your infernal aspirations

7. Baneful magick to devastate your enemies

To see the full details of how this works, and how to book your slot with me, click right here. Be aware that I can only take a limited number of clients at a time, so I encourage you to act now if you need my help.

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I'll talk to you again soon...

You friend,