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Watch Me Call Down The Sumerian Underworld Deity, Ningizzida... Enjoy Our Hour-Long Chapter As A Free Halloween Treat

Black Magick

Hey Friend,

This video provides you a long sample of our Black Magick: The Left Hand Pathvideo pathworking. The course itself contains enlightening lecture, ritual walk-throughs, and live demonstrations all devoted to a comprehensive praxeology of sorcery.

The pathworking includes:

  1. Curriculum overview
  2. Rites of blasphemy
  3. Self-Initiation
  4. Rites of Consecration
  5. Candle Magic Spells
  6. Sympathetic Magic
  7. Contagious Magic
  8. Baneful Magic
  9. Balance
  10. Spirit Contact—Sigils
  11. Spirit Contact—Idols
  12. Shadow Magick
  13. Black Magick Ascent

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We film all of this in beautiful cinematic quality—quite frankly, nothing like this has ever existed.

Stay tuned for an update on when to pre-order Black Magick by Timothy, as the book and video pathworking complement each other. We will print a limited black leather edition for your enjoyment.

I'll talk to you again soon...

You friend,