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Your Introduction To The 3 Major Types Of Spiritual Teachers In The World Of Magick, How To Spot The Frauds, And Why Spirits Accelerate Your Ascent

Hey Friend,

Once you’ve started using my methods, and finding out for yourself how effective they really are, you might want to ask me the same question that hundreds of other people have asked me:  “where did you learn all of this?”

Whether your field of study is engineering, dentistry, or the development of Godlike Powers, it can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint the exact sources of your knowledge, especially if you’ve spent decades of your life pursuing it.

The short answer to how I learned what I have learned is through experience.  I took what bits and pieces I could find, and I put them into practice, finding out what worked and what didn’t.

But, if I’m being honest, that isn’t the whole truth.

Here's The Truth About Apprenticeship...

The harsh reality is that all of us need to be taught, guided, or at the very least we need to be pointed in the right direction in order to unfold our understanding.

And so, despite all of my self-initiative, and despite my “Legion of One” attitude, I wouldn’t have made it very far in my life were it not for guides that I met along the way.

Frankly, on top of spending decades learning how to Become A Living God, I’ve also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, and I’ve kissed more guru ass than anyone should ever have to kiss… often without much payoff at all.

So, I want to break down the three basic types of guides that I have had.  I want to give you the pros and cons of each, as well as give you some advice on what to watch out for, so that you can avoid spending more money than is necessary, and – if you pay attention – you’ll NEVER have to kiss anyone’s ass to get what you want!

The 3 Main Types Of Guides Who've Helped My Ascent:

#1. Gurus

#2. Mentors or coaches

#3. Spirits themselves

Let me break down what I learned from these sources, and more importantly, what they ultimately ended up costing me.

Gurus are found in every system and path as well as on the outskirts of any socially accepted path.  The guru sets him or her self up as a spiritual superior to those he teaches, having supposedly experienced some high level enlightenment.  The guru may have thousands of disciples or only one follower from time to time. No human role is constant, but they are slipped into and out of as necessary, so the role of guru is invoked by the wisest sages, as only the foolish would allow themselves to become trapped by their own role.

I’ve learned from many gurus.  Although gurus will sometimes invite followers to offer monetary donations, many are afraid that honestly asking a fair price for their work will reflect poorly on their enlightened status, so they instead will demand offerings of your valuable time in service to them, often for personal rather than collective goals, and they will demand your full commitment to them regardless of how inept they may obviously be.

WARNING: The Occult Is Rampant With Fake Gurus - Here's How To Spot The Frauds

"Enlightened folk" tend to have the most fragile egos, so if you want to learn from them you'll have to be sure that you never question or second guess them. Those who accept cash donations will need you to reaffirm this devotion regardless of the fact that you have paid for a service.  If you want to witness true insanity, find a guru, pay him and serve him and see if he indeed is so much better than you. When you discover that he's just another dude trying to make it through the day, and that he really doesn't have much to offer, go ask him for a refund. Gurus think that they are a divine gift and that he is doing you a favor by accepting your filthy money.  You’re a spiritual feeble in their eyes, so asking for your money back rocks the sense of self that is built on fantasy.

If the guru does not accept cash, he or she will insist on gifts of goods or services directly.  I should mention that for the most part gurus haven't accomplished much in their lives.  Sure, they have some interesting insights and have usually excelled in aesthesis, but they don’t seem able or perhaps even interested in making use of their gifts for any useful end.  However, gurus are great in helping you with the mystical and philosophical end of Ascent. They also seem to often say the right things at the right time.

Note that just about every order-head and grand master blah blah blah falls into this category.

I’ve studied under dozens or more gurus in my life, in every imaginable system. Often they are the only route into specific, initiatic knowledge... until now, of course!

I have no idea how to even quantify the amount that I've paid them. Years of my time. Tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of my professional services in various fields at no charge. Donations of at least thousands of dollars in cash donations and thousands more in gifts. I even have given two of my gurus new cars as payment for their teachings... they ask for what they want and you'd be thought to be damned if you even thought about refusing.

One of my mentors is somewhere around 50k richer because of my discipleship, and that was just the immediate payment of funds from my account to his, not counting the opportunity increase experienced through my invisible influence in his affairs. This also isn't including tithing to churches who should also be serving its members in this manner, nor does it account for membership dues paid to temples and lodges, as well as initiation fees. These included, you're looking at well over a hundred grand that I've invested in gurus.

It's a good thing I've been able to succeed where they have not, in using these powers to manifest wealth in my life.

The Differences Between A REAL Mentor And A So-Called Guru

Mentors or Coaches are established professionals who have demonstrated their expertise and aptitude within their chosen fields, and have therefore created a niche of helping newcomers find similar success through the mentor’s experiences and insights in the field. Being professionals, mentors will have a clear and set price for their services and products. Mentors and coaches don't have any misconception about their nature as regular folk, but they do have very specific and often very valuable skills and knowledge.

They are looking to you as primarily a customer whose business is appreciated and whose investments pay his bills. Secondarily the mentor may hope to see within a prospective student a chance for greatness, which his own teachings may help to unfold. The one major drawback that I've had with mentors is that he or she is often hardened, tempered by their specialized knowledge and experience. This causes him to limit his own potential and to deny the opening up of limitless possibility.

He or she will often insist that their way is correct and in order to achieve results that you have to do it their way. All of this can cause a negative psychic transfer to the client.

When my clients come to me telling me that they are cursed and I ask what evidence they base their supposition on, every single time it’s because some guru or mentor told them so, and now they've made it reality.

Mentors, by their very function, are not objective, but come at every problem with the same three tools. I have to admit that I'm guilty of this from time to time myself. Nevertheless, the value of their specialized knowledge and experience is often the difference between success and failure.

I have contracted mentors and coaches for all sorts of things from sacrificial rites to healing magick, from sales and marketing to businesses management.. I even have mentors who advise me on investments, health care, and real estate planning.  But, to keep to the matter at hand: I've likely paid around $30,000 dollars to mentors specifically in the occult/spiritual/psychological field.

There are others, like my former sales and marketing mentor a few years back, with whom I arranged a business partnership in lieu of direct payment, pooling our individual and our manifest resources into mutual profitability, with the understanding that mentoring me would be integral to our common success.

Often, finding a competent mentor or coach in the occult field is difficult, as it seems that most of those who seem to be just that are the first to tell you that you’re cursed, that you’re possessed, or that in some way your reality is not in your control, and that for a “small” fee of thousands of dollars, they can perform some ritual that will make it all better.  These are really gurus pretending to be coaches.

This is why my clients have found my consultation service to be the most helpful in the entire field.  I’m not there to convince them of my power… I’m there to help them discover their own power, so that they can take full control over their reality!

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SPIRITS: The Most Powerful And In-Your-Face Style Of Teacher

The final group of teachers that have guided me are the spirits themselves. This is the method by which sorcerers have become such for millennia, by going into the wilderness and making certain contact.

The first issue with learning from spirits is that you first have to learn how to make contact and how to communicate with them, which has been nearly impossible until I began my work. Once you can call them and talk with them, the next issue is that their minds are not human. They don't think linearly or spatially, but see everything as potentiality. This makes getting clear answers from them sometimes difficult, as their logic seems to us to be riddles.

When you have contracted them to teach you something, though, you can be sure you will learn it. This is the third issue with spirits: they are not even a little bit concerned about your comfort. They will open doors and rearrange your life so that you can become exactly who you asked the spirit to help you become.

Right Hand Path people include in their conjurations the command “And harm none.”  The Left Hand Path practitioner’s plea when dealing with spirits for self-Ascent is "I hope i make it through this", so violent are the reality shifts that spirits can create when asked to clear the way for the individual's Ascent. Spirits receive payment through their work itself. In other words, if you call them to help you with something, they will not let up until the necessary change has completed. This means that you had better be ready to do your part to not only get what you asked for help getting, but you have to be ready to become the new person who can fill the shoes that you've hired the cobbler to make, custom fit for you.

If you ask spirits to do something a bit insane, like to help you build an empire that will endure for ages, you're going to have those spirits on your ass for a very long time, always ready to stir things up should you ever lose focus or falter in your resolve. They have realigned stars to accommodate your wishes, and they're not going to let even you keep them from being ultimately successful, no matter how much you may try to get in your own way.

As for payment, it is not so direct with spirits. There are costs for the education and training needed to effectively work with them, and the cost of whatever implements are required, but the real monetary cost is that you will be required to maintain and to grow whatever you have been given, lest these powers turn against you to compel you to acquiesce to the fulfillment of your own command.

The spirits have made me a fortune, and yet every cent of it is committed to the goals that they and I mutually work towards. If I stop doing what I do with what they give me, then their bounty will dry up entirely. But this is not because they dictate my actions on earth from the astral plane, but because I have set into motion an unstoppable force, and I have pointed it at some very specific goals.

Once you fire the torpedo, you don't want to go running in between it and its target.

I'll talk to you again soon...

You friend,

EA. Koetting