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Black Book of Azathoth

The Black Book of Azathoth rips opens a vortex to the Old Ones on July 19th! It provides you a step-by-step pathworking through the black magic of H.P. Lovecraft, and forges relationships for you with these eccentric and enlightening beings. As a FREE GIFT, download two chapters of the Black Book right here, right now:

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Black Book of Azathoth

The Thought Form & The Egregore... Astral Creatures Born Deep From Inside The Mind Of The Black Magician

Hey Friend,

What I consider to be ‘Magic’, is nothing other than science. What else can it be? The definition of ‘Science’ is:

The intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. ~ Oxford Dictionary

Is that not what the study and practice of ‘Magic’ is ? Magicians study the structure of the universe and what it is composed of in its totality, in order to use advanced scientific/occult techniques in experiment, gaining experience through observation of result. One does not generally think of Magic as being a system of advanced scientific techniques, but that is exactly what it is when broken down and examined (as I did in my work, “The Book of Smokeless Fire”). The only true way to do that is to study all the different forms magic takes, and make comparisons based on technique and result. It is a course of study I am grateful to know has no end.

And, as Magicians are utilizing scientific techniques to gain insight into the scientific world, on occasion scientists too, utilize occult techniques to understand the mind, reality and existence. In 1972 a group of nine scientists from Ontario Canada decided to do a study on Thought Forms, and if they could create a consciousness they could interact with by giving it a name and detailed history. After several weeks of trying to make contact with the entity or thought form ‘Philip’, they began to gets results. When asked, the created entity would recite its life and history with the exact same detail as the scientists assigned it. It responded to questions by rapping upon the table the scientists gathered around in their sessions.

"As Athena was sprung from the mind of Zeus, so too does the black magician give birth to entities through their thoughts."

In essence this occult entity or thought form was created in a lab for the scientific purpose of proving a fictional reality, can become a factual reality. The implications of this experiment are vast, spanning the question of consciousness and where it originates from, to reality and the ability to mold it to our expectations.

Everything you can imagine is real. ~ Pablo Picasso

This is the area where science and magic cannot be separated or divided.

Everything we consider real is made of things that cannot be considered real ~ Niels Bohr

Now we are seeing that our reality, is what we make of it. Through our thoughts and Intent, we are gods of our lives and destinies.

Nothing is an absolute reality; all is permitted ~ Bartol

This brings the conversation back around to the idea of creating an entity to our specific designs and needs. These Thought Forms or Egregores are quite powerful, as they stem from the mind of the Black Magician. As Athena was sprung from the mind of Zeus, so too does the black magician give birth to entities through their thoughts. Phil Hine states:

The term egregore is derived from a Greek word meaning "to be aware of" or "to watch over". An egregore is commonly understood to be magical entity purposefully created by a group or order as an encapsulation of the group's collective aspirations and ideals.

As this is very true, I personally find creating an egregore for a specific task or goal that pertains directly to me, far more beneficial. I view egregores as familiars that come and go, existing until I no longer need them, when their purpose has been fulfilled.

“It is very important for the black magician to mind their thoughts, as universes are created and destroyed with them.”

The egregore can be created purposefully or not. Many times such Intent and emotion is put into a specific ideal or goal, that one is created as a sort of side effect. The black magician not even being aware of its creation or existence. It is very important for the black magician to mind their thoughts, as universes are created and destroyed with them. Though the process to create an egregore purposefully, often is a bit of a mystery. Many have come to me and asked my help in their creation, or delivery them the secrets of the process. Therefore, I shall indulge the curiosities and lay down a practical approach for the creation of such an entity.

  1. Be clear in what it is you wish to accomplish. Know your goal without question.
  2. Visualize how the egregore will take form. What does it look like ?
  3. List the abilities the entity will possess. What functions does it need to perform ?
  4. Name it accordingly with the task it is to fulfill. The name should be unique and personal.Once these steps have been completed, the black magician will possess the keys to command the entity in the way they see fit, for the reason it was created.
  5. Create a magical circle and triangle of arte, may I suggest using the Trinity of Triangles (Found within, “The Black Book of Azathoth”);
  6. Call forth the entity (use your own specific evocation), visualize it forming within the Trinity of Triangles.

The more you call forth and work with the egregore, the more powerful it becomes. At first begin with small tasks you assign for it to accomplish, then build up from there. A months’ time is perfect for the full realization of the created entity. I suggest creating it and calling it forth on the new moon. And, as the moon gains in power night after night, so will the strength and tangibility of the egregore as the black magician continues to work with it.

Once the black magician realizes they have the ability to not only shape their reality, but also to create intelligent beings using their Intent, visualization and energy, the world becomes openly accessible. Nothing can stop a force that can create or destroy the boundaries of reality. Go forth and become your own god…

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You friend,