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Hi, Friend,

As you might know, I've written several "infamous"
books on the topic of personal power, evocation
and ritual work. Consequently, I started having
well-known authors and magicians come to me in
private to "compare notes" and share results from
their own advanced and experimental magick. And
over time, it became clear that the techniques and
rites we were innovating and discovering was just
too important to keep a secret.

That's why, every month, I choose an expert to
sit down with me and record a conversation where
I pick their brain for valuable information.
And they REALLY deliver - sharing their BEST
IDEAS and SECRETS to performing amazing magick.
Then I post the video-interview in my exclusive
members area so you can watch it wherever and
whenever you want. Listening to knowledgeable
people talk about their best ideas through easy-
to-understand concepts and real-life examples can
be an extremely powerful way to bring positive
change and spiritual growth into your life.

I also try to mix it up a bit, to bring on new
guests who will be able to give a different
perspective on magick and spirituality than
any of us - myself included - have ever considered!

If you haven't subscribed to the "Interviews with
a Magus" interview series, you're missing out, not
only on great conversations, but on information
that could prove to be vital to your success in
the occult.

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Interviews With A Magus



Now that you've had some time with my e-book,
"Become A Living God," and have been keeping
up-to-date on the tricks and tips and "inner
game" secrets of Godlike Power that I've been
trickling in these newsletters, articles, and
interviews, let's take a step past the "how do
I?" questions and talk about what happens when
your hypothetical spell-casting turns into real
practical application of spirituality in your
To backtrack a bit, I've been at this occult
thing for most of my life.  Casting spells,
performing rituals, and communicating with spirits
has been pretty much the norm for me as far
back as I can remember.
Add to that the fact that I'm naturally a
high-tension person with moderately high charisma,
it turned out that I was able to not only get
in to occult circles that most people couldn't,
but I was able to draw others into my own!
What this comes down to is that, through the
course of nearly twenty years now, I've performed
a LOT of rituals, and I've seen others perform
a lot of them as well.
I've experienced MASSIVE results from mine,
from business successes to book successes, a
totally fulfilling love life, and, well, a
totally fulfilling life in every way!
I've experienced a good portion of failure
as well, when rituals don't go right, when I
couldn't seem to make the most simple changes
in my life through magick, when I've been broke,
broken hearted, and hopeless, and it seemed
like the gods and the spirits had abandoned me.
And I've also sat around the table and have
heard other magicians' success stories... and
What I've learned is that magick is not
some wish on a star or throw a penny into the
fountain type of silliness, but that it is a
system, and that if you can learn that system,
you can make ANYTHING happen!
I outline this system in my aforementioned
e-book, "Become A Living God," which is STILL
available at:

One of the questions I'd always ask myself
when I first started, and one that I hear
echoed by nearly every newcomer to the occult,

How will I know if my spell is working?

It doesn't matter if your ritual is aimed
at mental or emotional manipulation of another
person, the manifestation of material and
financial success, bringing love into your life,
creating success in an artistic field, gaining
knowledge and insight in some particular aspect
of yourself or your world, or whatever your goal
might be, you're still going to want to know,
"Is it working?"
Now, the ultimate rule of thumb that I use
to tell if my rituals are working (and at this
point in my career, they ALWAYS do), is when
I arrive at the exact and full measure of the
goal that I had intended when performing the
In other words, if I need 10,000 dollars
for some minor project, and I perform a ritual
to obtain that money, then the only way that I
will consider the ritual a success is when I
receive 10,000 dollars.
If I receive 5,000 dollars, I consider that
to be a good sign that things are on the right
track, but I smile and wait, because I know
that either the other 5 thousand is on its way
shortly, OR I know that the 5 thousand is just
a "good faith" installment, and that I'll shortly
be receiving the full 10 thousand.
I've gotten used to getting more than what
I've asked for, if you can't tell!  But, I'm
able to have this attitude because: 1. I've
learned the system of magickal attainment so
well and I've experienced enough success with
it to be confident in the reproducibility of the
system; and 2. I know that if I expect anything
less than the full materialization, I'll end up
getting NOTHING!
That's right, if you sell yourself short,
you won't end up getting a smaller measure of
success, but you'll end up getting nothing.
It's almost as if the powers of magick
respect Power, and power is manifest emotionally
as serene confidence.
Not bragging or full of oneself, but a
sure knowledge of your abilities.  Knowledge that
regardless of circumstances in life, that you
can wield unimaginable power to make things
go your way.
It is this attitude that primes the ritual
to work before it's even performed!

Another signal that your spell is working
takes place during the ritual itself, and this
is something that you have complete control over.
During your ritual, after reaching the theta-
gamma sync and after you start to push your power
into your environment, while you are focusing
on your imagined image of the future that you
are materializing, your tension, apprehension,
doubt, and worry will be replaced by, once again,
a sure knowledge of your power and its ability
to exact change in the world.
Fear will turn to peace, anxiety will turn
to assurance, to the degree that, once the ritual
is complete, your concern for the success of
the ritual will be nullified.
In fact, it is this very nonattachment to
the outcome that is necessary to acheiving
success with your spells every single time.

We'll talk again soon!

Godlike Power!

Real Magick. Real Results.®

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