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I Perform The "Rite Of Lucifuge", And Evoke The Dark Twin Of Lucifer In Order To Inherit The Power Of Saturn Forever... Here's How It Goes, And Lucifuge Rofocale's Warning To Me...

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Hey Friend,

Lucifuge Rofocale is one of those shadowy figures in occult lore who intrigues and confuses at the same time.

Lucifuge appears in the Grand Grimoire as not just "a demon" to make a pact with, but as THE demon to call when making a pact.

In fact, even though most encyclopedias of demonology place Lucifuge in rank beneath the Crown Princes of Hell, it is often said that Lucifuge Rofocale is Lucifer's dark twin.

If Lucifer is the Son of the Morning Star, herald of the sun rising in the east, then that would make Lucifuge the Son of the Black Star, herald of the black sun rising in the west.

It is also commonly known that Lucifer is not a solar demon, but is a spirit of Venus.... which would make Lucifuge the Lord of Saturn, which is the planet ruling over all mystery, all things occult, and all things forbidden.

Indeed, that is where his throne is placed, not on the Tree of Life, but on the Adverse Tree, once the Initiate has traveled through the astral backdoor of Da'ath between the universes, to land in the hidden and secret realm of the Infernal Empire.

...Everyone Warned Me NOT To Summon This Spirit, So I Made A Special Point Of DOING It...

I had heard the name of Lucifuge several times.  Not ONCE was he spoken of lightly or happily, but always in whispers and followed by warnings.

"Do NOT work with this demon.  He's too powerful, too evil, too hot for any magician to handle."

Of course, such words of warning have always served to stimulate my interest even more.

And so, I began to work with this demon.

Now, there seems to be some discussion about Lucifuge and the Goetic demon "Focalor" being the same entity under a different name, but once you have evoked both of them, you'll see that very few demons out there can hold a candle to Lucifuge Rofocale, Focalor included.  It is because of my own evocations of both of these spirits that I have concluded that they are entirely different entities altogether, although it is very likely that Focalor serves under Lucifuge in some capacity.

The reason I bring this up is because there are no historically authentic sigils in existence for Lucifuge.  And, sure, I could break out the Rose Cross Lamen and draw a sigil using the Hebrew spelling of his name, or I could channel and receive a sigil for him, but something inside of me urged against it.

There is a reason that his sigil isn't given in the Grand Grimoire, and there is a reason that it's not found elsewhere.

I think the reason for this is because learning how to evoke using a spirit's sigil isn't hard at all.  Learning to evoke without any of these tools, however, take experience and a certain level of expertise.  This simple omission of a sigil goes a long way in discouraging inexperienced magicians from trying to contact this arch demon.

I do want to let you know that in my forthcoming "Mastering Evocation: Omnipotence" Course, I'll be teaching you every detail of evocation, so that you can perform the most intense rituals of evocation and exerience the most powerful results, even if you've never performed a single ritual!  I even have included a bit of footage of one of my evocations of Lucifuge, wherein the pact between he and I was signed!

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...I Contacted Lucifuge And Felt His Saturnian Presence Fill The Entire Room Around Me... Hearing His Voice Inside My Head...

My first three instances of contact with Lucifuge were entirely internal.  I sat, called his name, connected with his deep, Saturnian essence, and solidified it in the room, unmanifest, yet present nonetheless.

Most people would refer to this as an "astral evocation."

During these sessions, a good deal of internal communication occurred.

The first session was a "getting to know you" session.  I wanted to get the feel for what Lucifuge was like, and what he'd be able to do for me.  I have to tell you:  this was probably the MOST INTENSE of these three sessions, as I simple was not prepared for how powerful this demon is!

What I also learned about Lucifuge is that he is without a doubt the Lord of Excess.  He has no concept of having "had enough," and I doubt that "contentment" is even a word he's familiar with.  More power, more wealth, more sex, more love, more happiness, more joy.  More, more, more.

Of course, this chase after the ever-elusive "more" is exhausting... but the Black Magician within me devours it!

In the second session, I discerned how I might be able to help Lucifuge.  Now, I don't buy in to the "this for that" way of working with spirits.  Outside of the African derived religions, most spirits don't really want or need offerings of food, beverages, cigars, or these sorts of offerings. No bartering is necessary.

In fact, it seems more and more that demons specifically *WANT* to have a hand in the evolution of our species.  They seem to be intimately invested in our process of Becoming Living Gods, and so the offerings that they have requested of me have more to do with this than any trinkets I would otherwise offer.

The more powerful and more ancient demons think of time much differently than we do.  While I'm planning out the next 10 years, they are planning out the next two or three centuries.  They are Grand Architects, and they have an inside look at the blueprints.

So, the offerings that I suggested to Lucifuge centered around two things:

My Offerings To Lucifuge Centered Around 2 Things...

1.Providing a base for the empowerment of the human species, as well as the physical elements in our world.


2.Creating a connection to his particular dark-spiritual resonance that will endure for centuries, if not longer.

In the third session, we agreed on the terms.

Then, I performed the ritual of evocation, properly called, "The Rite of Lucifuge."

I brought before the demon the pact that I had written, and prepared my cave for the ritual of summoning.

...The Demon Incarnated Into The Black Cloud Of Incense Smoke... Sending Me Into Full Rapture And Enlivening My Spiritual Senses To See And Hear Him At The Crossroads...

The incense started to swirl and to collect in one spot, as it always does when spirits manifest.  His presence filled the cave, and within seconds I felt like I was going to lose consciousness.

Staying with the rapture, I found myself at the crossroads, no longer looking at the sandstone and lava walls of my Temple cave, but instead suspended in the void, staring at the demon, Lucifuge.

He appeared before me as a man with the legs and horns of a goat, only with a third horn between the normal two.  Rather than goat's hair on his body, though, his skin was white and hard, like marble or ivory.

He spoke, and although his voice was not particularly harsh or particularly seductive, his words sent shivers through my body, because I knew that they were true:

"I have seen your pact, and I agree.  You don't even know the beginning of the thing that you have awoken. Be extremely vigilante."

I have always known, from the first time that I lit a spell candle, and through every ritual since, that I'm in the middle of an ocean that could swallow me whole.  I've always been the one to see how deep it really is, and how dangerous its creatures really can be.

And in the process of my Seeking, I've been able to tap into powers and abilities that few others have ever even touched, and my life has benefited from this indescribably.

And even though Lucifuge offered this stern warning to me, and even though this ritual was performed only weeks ago, I have already been reaping the rewards of it, as many of my requested excesses have already started to pile upon me.

...I reveal more about Lucifuge and my intimate evocations with him and other demons inside, "Mastering Evocation", available to watch on July 17th...

I'll talk to you again soon!

Your friend,

EA. Koetting

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