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I Fight The Ugly, Slanderous Lies That Religious Fanatics Spread About Demons By Unveiling Their True Nature As Ancient Gods... Let's End The Paranoid Fear-Mongering, And CELEBRATE The Spiritual Blessings Of Demons

Friend, I just finished up a weekend of complete INSANITY.

A couple friends of mine who are accomplished sorcerers flew in cross country to help me with the portions of the Mastering Evocation course program that require group ritual.

The ENTIRE weekend was spent performing evocation after evocation, forcing demonic possession, channeling spirits, and activating spiritual forces in our lives.

However, I realized that the reason that everyone in attendance was able to jump right into these rituals is because they worked through my "Mastering Divination" program.

In other words, by laying the necessary foundation, they avoided the usual roadblocks and problems that cause average magicians to fail and give up. They had already eliminated their "blindness" and "deafness" and thus were WIDE OPEN to the world of spirit.

Once you learn how to use divination tools for prophecy, and learn how to communicate with spirits in real-time, jumping into even the most advanced evocations is a breeze!

You can start YOUR process of attaining clairvoyant omniscience RIGHT NOW, completely risk free. I can literally show you how to get success within minutes from now. Click this graphic below, and take the next step on your occult journey to Godhood:

Hey Friend,

I've done a LOT of interviews over the years.

Being truthful with you, it started out as a way to promote my books, but after only two or three interviews, I found out how awesome interviews are to do.

What I really like about them is that my work has always been so intense that just about everyone who interviews me absolutely grills me about the Left Hand Path focus in my work.  It shouldn't come as a surprise that most people are shocked, if not offended, by the fact that I endorse things like Black Magick and demonic summoning.

So, interviews often become a bit adversarial.  Why I like this is because it forces me to think quickly, to think on my feet.  I don't have the ability to delete sentences, edit content, or work from a script.

I have to have the information at my fingertips, and spit it out correctly on command.

Sometimes I succeed with this, and sometimes I don't.

One of the hardest questions that I get asked is, "What are demons... really?"

That has always been a pretty difficult thing for me to define.

The issue is that our concept of "demons" comes from a very restricted informational base.

In other words, until recently, the only information that we have had about demons came from the Catholic Church.

That's like asking a restaurant to give you a review of a competing restaurant.

As more and more people obtained access to information and education, though, the information singularity expanded, and the lies of the church have been exposed.

Here Are The Hilarious Exaggerations, Flat Out Lies, And Blatant Fear-Mongerings That Christianity Spreads About Demons...

Here's what we've been TOLD about demons:

They are inferior entities bent on harming humans and trying to pull people away from the Divine.

They might even have once been angels who, because of their disobedience, fell from grace and were cursed to walk the earth until Judgment Day.

They fear the name of Jesus and all things holy.  It should be noted that the only "holy" things that supposedly repel demons are Christian implements.  It should also be noted that EVERY ritual, EVERY relic, and EVERY spiritual aspect of Christianity was stolen from pre-Christian pagan and magickal religions.

They are weak, impish entities that have a limited and twisted view of reality.

If you call on them, work with them, or even think too much about them, demons will destroy your soul and all that is good in your life.

These are the LIES that you've been told in order to keep you from learning the truth.

Here Are The Nervous, Paranoid, Fearful Thoughts Beginner Magicians Harbor About Demons...

When we think about demons, there are some definite thoughts and feelings that come up pretty spontaneously.

Demons are scary.

Major religions hate them.

They represent the unknown.

Demons are likely dangerous, because all we've ever heard is fear-mongering and horror stories.

They are too powerful to really be trusted.

They have ulterior motives that we can't possibly understand.

Here Is What We Actually KNOW About Demons...

The more that we look into the subject of demons, we see how absolutely WRONG not only the misinformation is, but also our assumptions.

We're taught to believe that demons are spiritual entities of a lesser order, and that they are somehow "God's rejects."

This couldn't be further from the turth.

In reality, when you trace most demons back to their earliest origins, it turns out that they're not imps or fallen angels at all.

In fact, the truth that the church has worked so hard to keep from you is that demons originally were Gods.

That's right, demons were gods, most of them coming from the early Mesopotamian cultures.

Baal, Astaroth, Moloch, and a whole list of other demons were gods that were worshipped long before the idea of the Judaic/Christian/Islamic god had even come about.

Once these three religions started gaining ground in the world, they felt that the only way that they could convince others to follow them was to create an artificial monopoly on spirituality.

This meant that only they could be right, and everyone else had to be wrong.

So, they took a look at these gods who were much older than theirs, much more powerful than theirs, changed their names a little, and called them "demons."

So, where does that leave us in relation to demons?

Once we understand that demons aren't Satan's inferiors, fallen angels, or weak and depraved black souls, we can start to see how powerful they can really be.

Once we discard the LIES told about demons, and recognize that indeed they are gods, the whole subject of calling on them to help us in our daily life would be so potent.

Once we understand that most demons are in fact ancient Mesopotamian gods, we can begin to comprehend why they're so able and willing to assist us on our own paths of Becoming Living Gods!

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Now let me ask you this...

What are you going to do with the powerful new information about demons you just learned?

It's NOT ENOUGH to simply "know" it. You need to USE it. We all know the "armchair" intellectuals who just gather occult knowledge, but never actually PERFORM magick. (And therefore, have NO authority or real expertise)

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by how complicated all the rituals, spirits, and spells and just have NO IDEA where to get started? Does all this conflicting talk of angels, demons and gods confuse you?

Are you still afraid to really "go all out" into the world of magick, beacuse you're nervous a demon could hurt you?

Are you pathworking black magick, Haitian Vodoun, or another system of magick and need a guide to take it to the NEXT level, because you're hit a wall in your practice?

These feelings are all normal, because there is so much misinformation, paranoia, hype, and secrecy that it's difficult to finally sort out truth from fiction.

I CAN HELP YOU get started on your journey to Godhood. I can help you learn the exact rituals you need to get the results you want from magick... whether it's material goals like increasing your income, attracting a romantic partner, or even overcoming/causing an illness... or whether it's a highly SPIRITUAL goal like mastering divination, evocation or soul travel... I'm your man!

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But BE WARNED: I am a no-nonsense kind of guy, and I will point out your weaknesses and flaws to you. So DO NOT book my time unless you are ready for the hard truth and tough love.

I'll talk to you again soon!

Your friend,

EA. Koetting