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Let Me Summon The God Of This World, The Prince Of The Power Of Air, The Most Fallen Angel, The Devil... Experience A Rare Initiation With The Great Adversary Himself—Satan!

Hey Friend,

To commemorate Timothy's Black Magick Manifesto, I hereby declare that I will open an infernal gateway to Satan, cut a blood pact, and initiate anyone who would like to participate. To bind this covenant, I will identify you personally in the evocation, and inscribe your name into my secret Black Book of Satan.

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Judeo-Christians and Muslims call him the most evil being to ever exist, the most powerful demon in the world, and the most deceptive and treasonous entity in history.

But why do they despise our fondest ally?

In Christian lore, Satan and his rebel angels revolted against the dictatorship of Yahweh, and aspired to overthrow his kingdom of heaven. In other words, Satan hated the tyranny of Yahwehian totalitarianism, and fought for freedom. Satan, the great freedom fighter, deserves our reverence!

Dear reader, if you identify with the virtues: individuality, freedom, and power, then let The Devil become your greatest ally in this cosmic war for truth, beauty, and righteousness!

On May 10th, I will commence a series of rare rituals to summon Satan for our group initiation on the Earth Plane. What's more, I am going to film every minute of it, as well as an instructional video, so you can study and repeat it by yourself for extra strength.

I consider this a once-in-a-lifetime situation, the synchronizing of Timothy's great treatise on black magick, and the summoning of Satan to initiate its readers. Again, the compact seals on May 10th, so sign up right now!

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By the way, if you missed out on Black Magick Manifesto as a physical booklet, we will release it in both e-book and audiobook formats on May 10th, at the same time as I do the rituals.

I'll talk to you again soon...

You friend,


P.S. As always, we at Become A Living God strive for nothing short of revolution and the highest greatness for the Left Hand Path!