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Hi, Friend,

One of the fun parts of my job is being able to talk
with some of the most interesting people about their
experiences and understandings in the realm of the
occult and spirituality, and then recording these
conversations and letting you listen in!

I just got off the line with Jason Augustus Newcomb,
and so far it is one of the best conversations of
this sort that I've ever had.

Jason and I discussed, among many other topics, the
question of "What does it mean to be an occultist?"
as well as talking about different tips to getting
rituals like money manifestation and love spells to
work consistently and reliably.

You absolutely HAVE to check out this interview at:

Interviews With A Magus



I have to confess that in my career of using
these magickal methods to create substantial and
verifiable change in the world, that I have done
terrible things with this power.
In such, I can report with a surety that it
is by every means possible to cast spells and to
perform rituals that can bring malaise, discomfort,
pain, disease, and even death.

Why on earth would a person want to do such a
The reasons - or excuses - are as diverse as the
people who hide behind them.
Some wield this baneful magick only in times of
dire need, when they path needs to be cleared of
an incessant obstacle in the incarnation of a
human enemy.
Others, less psychologically and emotionally
matured, might cast curses for the most minor
insults, rather than simply dismissing the comment
or taking some lesson from it.
There is another sort of black magician, and
another sort of reasoning behind such dreadful
magick.  Using an invisible left hand to wrap
around the throat of your victim, to suffocate
him and to grab his heart and command to it:
"Stop!", and to have the body, mind, and even
soul of that other person obey you is indeed
a sure test of your power.  There is no relegating
this effect to psychosomatic or psychological
No, this is black magick.

Once the black magician has concluded such an
operation, and once indeed his victim does die,
as he or she surely will, the Operator finds himself
in a peculiar position.   He has used the Powers of
Darkness to murder, and his soul is lost and alone.
Generally, there are three basic reactions to this

1. The Sorcerer is horrified by his own hideous actions,
and is terrified of the power that humans should not
possess, and he remains horrified by it for quite some
time, no longer creating Magick or practicing ritual,
but at the same time not turning away from it because
he knows there is no god that would have him.  He finds
himself in a spiritual and psychological prison, and
when the victim does actually die, the key is thrown out.
Interestingly, this murderer will usually surround himself
with more images and icons relating to the occult than
ever before.  He will find a fascination with demons and
with occult lore, and may turn to forms of Theistic
Satanism, for he craves spirituality.  He feels he cannot,
however, return to the practice of ritual which brings
change into the world.  He cannot trust himself with
it.  He lives as a lost soul, and consigns himself to hell
without even preparing his case for his Day of Judgment.

2. The Black Magician immediately turns from the occult
and flees back into the arms of a religion that would
excommunicate him if they knew the extent of his evil, or
believed his claims of it.  Assuming that either
the clergy involved recognize the reality of Black Magick,
or that the sinner chooses to deal with his sins and the
atonement without the help of the ministers of the church
which he attends, he will either believe that God has granted
him a special pardon, in which case the impact of the moment
in which he murdered will fade in his mind, and he will never
return his thoughts to that time in his life again; or, he
will spend his life seeking for Divine forgiveness which he
secretly knows he cannot have.

3. The Black Magician revels in the powers of death which
he has summoned, as well as the actual demise of his victim,
singing and dancing as his sinister goal is achieved.  A
slight twinge of remorse may enter him at first, and the
darkness that surrounds him after the ritual and lingers
for days may initially disturb him, but he quickly finds
comfort in hell.  This is not to say that he takes the
ritual of destruction and the Powers of Darkness lightly
– it is rare that he will reenact the ritual any time soon.
But he knows that in killing as the Gods kill, he is
challenging Their sovereign power, and that he is climbing
Olympus, dragging the embers of the Underworld behind him
as he goes.

In order to become a Living God, you do not have to
kill with these powers.  In fact, I would advise against
However, this is your world, your universe, and you
are the master of it.  You create your own laws, your
own ethics that guide your life.  And these are won not
by reading some book or hearing some minister or prophet
dictate these, but they are won by experience alone.

We'll talk again soon,


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