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Here's My Definitive Answer To Power Hungry Occultists When They Ask Me To Perform Demonic Pact-Making For Their Shameless Personal Gain... My Reply Might Surprise You

In this edition of my Magick Newsletter I reveal important facts about contracting pacts with demons for personal growth. In order to employ the practice of spiritual pact-making in your life, you need to know how to perform evocation of spirits.

I've created a 13-hour video masterclass on summoning angels, demons and gods. It's an introduction to the concepts of evocation, walks you through your first ritual, and even demonstrates the advanced techniques of pact-making, possession, and more. I highly recommend you check it out for your own personal education. It's fun to read about forbidden topics like demonic evocation - but it's WAY MORE FUN to actually do it yourself. You can watch a couple highlights and clips from the course when you click the link below:

Learn To Evoke Spirits For Personal Gain

Hey Friend,

Several years ago, I was on a live panel discussion with several experts on demonism, possession, and demonic interference.

As soon as the debate was kicked off with the first few questions, I realized that I was the only person in the room who had actually seen, spoken with, and worked with demons personally.

The rest were spectators, speculators, and accusers, their entire philosophy drawn from the runoff of the Christian idea of demons, and of demonic ritual.

These pretenders went on and on about how the sole desire for demons is to drive humans into self-destruction.  Their so-called “logic” was that demons are miserable entities, and therefore want everyone and everything in existence to be miserable.

After nearly a half an hour of listening to this drivel, I leaned into the microphone and said, “By a show of hands, who here has sold your soul?”

I put my hand up, and waited for a few seconds.  No other hands were raised.

“I’ve sold my soul nearly a dozen times, to a dozen different demons and ancient gods,” I announced.  A literal united gasp came from the crowd and from the presenters.

One of the presenters stated, “That’s not possible!”  He was an older fellow whose work was devoted to exposing Satanic Ritual Abuse – which has time and again been proven to be an invention of Christian imagination rather than an occurrence in real Satanic groups.

“Tell that to the dozen entities that made the pacts with me,” I said.  “Every one of them agreed to the terms of the pacts, and every one of them has delivered what was promised.”

A woman on the panel, who seemed to approach the subject from the perspective of clinical psychology, asked, “What do you suppose will happen to you in the afterlife, since all of these demons have been promised your soul?”

I answered that, if the Christian idea of eternal existence is correct, when I die, there will likely be a battle in Hell for my soul.  I stressed the point, though, that the idea of heaven and hell is absurd, and is the least likely of all afterlife scenarios.  I went on to explain that demons have no use for the immortal soul, nor does any ceremonial magician consider that “selling his soul” is even a literal possibility.

Instead the pact is a contract between the Operator and an entity, in which the entity guarantees the delivery of specific items or the cultivation of specific abilities, and in return the Operator covenants to serve that entity in some special way, either through devotion, or as is the case most often, in the dedication of works honoring that demon and doing some aspect of that demon’s work in this world.

Indeed, the only reason that people suffer from any sort of demonic communion is not because the demon is trying to destroy them, but rather because the individual is in utter conflict with their own desires.  In other words, the demon is not at war with the person, but the person is at war with themselves, having called upon demonic alliances, while at the same time ashamed and afraid of their own will to power.

Considering oneself to be a victim is often easier than considering oneself to be responsible for all aspects of one’s existence.

I didn’t find many people in agreement with my views on that day, but nevertheless, my views were the only views present that were informed by personal, first-hand experience.

I Have Written And Bound Myself To 18 Real Pacts With Real Demons For Shameless Personal Gain In My Life So Far...

To date, the number of pacts that I’ve made has increased from a dozen to now 18.

18 times, I have summoned forth entities, demonic or otherwise, and I have written a pact, a contract, and have bound myself and the spirits to the terms of the pact.

These pacts have brought me wealth, notoriety, love, inspiration, and success in many avenues of my life.

Seeing the obvious fruits of my courageous work, several people have asked me if they can do the same.

Specifically, I’ve received letter after letter asking if a pact could be made with a demon who will jumpstart the psychic faculties, allowing the individual to finally see, hear, and communicate with demons.

Now, this is always a curious question for me to consider.

Here's How I Think About Demonic Pact-Making...

Imagine that we are not talking about demons, but we are instead talking about people:

A pact is a long-term contract.  Most pacts are contracts that endure for the remainder of the Magician’s earthly life.  Some of them even extend beyond the life of the individual into subsequent incarnations.

The pact will bind you to the spirit, and the spirit to you, in a sort of astral marriagethat will tie your Work to the demon’s Work, and will create a psychic proximity to that demon that will likely never diminish.

In order to negotiate the terms of the Pact, you will need to be able to evoke the spirit several times, as often the first set of demands and contractual terms may not be acceptable.  This is where the traditional ceremonialists will tell you that you just need to command the demon in the name of some Abrahamic god to do what you want or you’ll give them a sound blasting with your rod.

This probably explains why these sorts of magicians have terrible, and often harmful encounters with demons.  It’s always best to treat ancient and powerful entities with respect, especially when you’re asking them to bind themselves to the terms of a definite pact!

For those of us who value these immortal relationships, and want to be able to utilize the full power of these Ancient Gods, calling on them and communicating with them is a prerequisite to a pact.

Obviously, you can’t do this unless you’re already able to evoke and communicate with the spirit first.

You can see how it is an absolute paradox to imagine that you can make a pact with a demon – or any spirit, for that matter – which will automatically advance your ability to communicate with spirits.  This is most definitely a case of “putting the cart before the horse.”

Power Hungry People Always Ask Me...

The next question in queue is usually, “Well, Mr. Koetting, why don’t you just do the communication for me, write the pact for me, negotiate the terms for me, and have the spirit sign the pact for me?”

The first reason why not is that you’re looking at a hefty number of rituals performed to get to this end result.  If you’ve ever tried negotiating a contract with another person, you probably know that the first draft is a “proposal,” and you can generally count on this first draft being rejected, and a counter-proposal will be made. From there, the terms are refined, usually in multiple steps, until both parties are satisfied and can agree with the terms of the contract.

Demonic pacts are not much different.  Often, the spirit that you’re working with will make clarifications on the pact, will refuse to honor specific parts of it, or will let you know that your terms are simply out of the scope of reality.

On the other side of the coin, the demon may make demands that are unreasonable, and so you’ll have to find to what it wants and measure that against what you’re willing to give.

Now, if I’m doing this for you, you had better believe that I’m going to charge a separate ritual fee for each evocation, which can add up fast!

But, the second, and probably the most important reason that you should negotiate the pact for yourself is because you’re not just agreeing on how much money the demon will bring you, and how fast.  The terms of the pact are always grandiose.  You are going to such extreme lengths to make a pact because, simply, the things that you desire are out of reach by ordinary means… even ordinary ritual means.

It would then also stand to reason that what will be expected from you in exchange for the fulfillment of such extraordinary desires would be extraordinary as well.  What almost always takes place is the formation of an ongoing relationship with the spirit, through service, devotion, or work done in the demon’s name, for the demon’s benefit.

Essentially, what you are doing in a pact is forming a long-term, close, and binding relationship with the spirit.  Would you ask someone that you don’t personally know, and who doesn’t know you very well, to arrange a marriage for you?  Hopefully, if you would want an arranged marriage at all, you’d want it to be arranged by someone who knows you deeply, who is personally invested in you, and who only wants the best for you.

While I do tend to take a great amount of interest in my clients’ lives and their well-being, and while I do get to know some of you quite intimately, there’s no way I’d want to arrange your marriage for you… nor would I want to arrange a spirit pact for you.

Instead, I want to give you all of the tools that you need to learn to do this yourself.

If you want to learn how to make pacts, how to summon spirits, and how to communicate with precision and power, you absolutely need to check out my Mastering Evocation video course.  In it, you’ll learn absolutely everything necessary to evoke spirits, command them to do your will, and even to make binding pacts with them.

AND, you’ll be amazed at how EASY it really is!

In fact, if you enroll right now, I'll take all the risk FOR YOU. That's right, sign up right now and I'll give you a full 7 days to watch the entire course from start to finish, if you want, and DECIDE if you want to keep it. If not - which I doubt - you can ask for a refund and I'll give back every single penny.

There is an entire world of Material Power and Spiritual Growth awaiting you. So take action right now. It's time to take control over the full destiny of your life.

Watch Highlights From Mastering Evocation

I'll talk to you again soon...

You friend,

EA. Koetting