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The Average Magician Believes That A Curse Will Inflict Physical Harm On An Enemy, However My Experiences Differ... Here Are The Most Common Results Of Baneful Magick

OAA of E.A. Koetting

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Take Advantage Of Unexpected Last Chance

Hey Friend,

One of the most fascinating aspects of studying the practical applications of spiritual systems is seeing the same fundamental outline of the methods of approach presented in nearly every spiritual path.

This is what I call the “Inner System” of practical spirituality.  Once you find the similar or identical practices aimed at similar goals throughout several different systems, you can isolate those methods and investigate why they are so effective that they have been included in spiritual practices across different paradigms.  Once you have a good grasp on the mechanics of these processes, you will essentially have a functional blueprint of the Inner System of that specific magickal application.

Whether you’re using full-scale ceremonial magick, or something as simple as positive affirmations, or anything in between, one of the Inner System fundamentals is Psychological Retraction.  Basically, once you’ve exhausted your intense desire for the outcome in the ritual, focused through your intentional visualizations, empowered by the signs and calls that you’ve given, and once you’ve become certain of the successful outcome of your Working and have closed the ritual, you need to get your mind off of it!

An easy way to remember this is through a phrase often repeated by famous inventor Ron Popeil: “Set it and forget it.”  Set reality to adjust to the new specifications as directed through your ritual symbols, and then forget about the veil-rending ritual that you just performed, forget about the symbols that were used as gateways into other dimensions, forget about the powers that are rearranging reality around you like cyclones, and forget about the desire that was so intense that it drove you into ritual in the first place!

For some magickal goals this is easier than for others.

The outcomes that are most desperate, and most personal, are those that are always most difficult to put out of your mind.

Chief among them is the curse.

If you are even mostly sane, then it probably would take a lot to get you to the point of killing another person, wouldn’t it?

How Far Does Your Enemy Need To Push You Before You Vow To Strike Back?

Think about that for a second:  How far would someone have to push you before you said, “That’s it, I’m going to kill him/her!”?

Hopefully, it would take a lot.  A whole lot.  Hopefully, you wouldn’t seriously consider ending another human being’s life unless all other options had been exhausted.

Even though ritually enacting someone’s death shortly before they actually die isn’t a crime prosecutable in most first world countries, the psychological trauma of doing so isn’t any less intense than if you were to stab them to death in front of you.

In fact, I can tell you with full knowledge that ending another person’s life through ritual magick is more intimate, and more devastating, than causing the same result through physical means.

The point is that, if your limits were pushed so far that your only recourse was to place a curse on the offending person, how are you supposed to forget about the offense or threat that drove you to kill them?  How are you supposed to forget about the hideous black spirits that you contracted to do the work?  How can you possibly forget about the fact that you have used dark witchcraft to commit a sin condemned by every religion, society, and culture?

When you cast any sort of spell, an essential part of the ritual is the exhaustion of ALL emotion towards the outcome.

For the placing of a curse, this is usually done by channelling all of your anger, fear, humiliation, and hatred into an effigy of the victim that you symbolically and ritualistically destroy.

As You Stab, Punch, Slash, Or Burn The Effigy...

As you stab, punch, slash, or burn the effigy, every feeling and every thought about the person you are cursing leaves your body and your mind and anchor themselves in the effigy, which becomes a nexion of your victim’s demise.

If done properly, by the end of the curse you will find yourself exhausted, physically and emotionally, with barely enough energy to conclude the ritual and clean up your ritual space.

The first sign of the success of the curse is that you’ll notice that the target of your curse no longer haunts your thoughts.  In fact, you might even find it difficult to think about them if you try!

This in itself is reason to celebrate:  You are finally free from the negative thoughts and feelings about the imposing situation, and can go on with your life unimpeded!

Resolution #1—The Opponent Tries To Buddy Up With You

The next sign of success that I’ve noticed in at least 75% of the curses that I’ve cast is that the person that I have cursed will attempt to reconcile with me.

They will explain the reason for their offenses, they will make gestures of recompense, or sometimes they will flat-out apologize! 

Of course, they will never have any idea that you have cursed them, as the black magician will never give his adversary a chance to prepare a defense before they die.  If the target of the curse does suspect that you are using baneful magick against him, he will assure you that it isn’t working, that it cannot work, but that he’d still like your forgiveness and friendship.

They know at some deep, instinctive level that you have summoned forth retribution, and that it is coming for them quickly.

Resolution #2—Your Foe Will Vanish From Your Life

In the remaining 25% of the cases, your victim will do the opposite, avoiding you at every cost.  I’ve seen people that I’ve cursed cross the street to avoid walking by me, I’ve seen them rearrange schedules so they won’t have to see me, and I’ve even had them move to other cities to try to escape your revenge.

Either way, though, there is usually only one final outcome for the target of a black magician’s curse.  Although they may beg for forgiveness and attempt to make amends, and although they can scatter to the most distant parts of this world, once this malevolent power has been set upon them, it will not let loose until your victim has been utterly destroyed.

Above all else, this is the greatest reason to give a serious second thought to placing a curse, because once you do, there is little that you can do to call it off.

My most favorite praxis for affecting people in life is actually evocation, not classic cursing per se—I will summon a spirit ally to impact their cognitive faculty. Many people suffer from irrationality and let their emotions blind them. Demons particularly excel at clearing the waste from a human's mind, and planting a clear and solid impulse in their intellect. If you need assistance with learning to summon spirits, including demons, I recommend you check out my Mastering Evocation program. It contains knowledge and rituals that you WILL NOT discover anywhere else. Why? Because almost every other magician who writes on the subject is anti-evocation because they consider it "evil". I give you the uncensored truth about interacting with spirits, and incorporate it into your normal customs.

Learn To Summon Spirits To Affect People

I'll talk to you again soon...

You friend,

EA. Koetting