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Hi, Friend,

There are a LOT of methods of magick out there.

All that you have to do is search the internet
or any major bookstore for "occult" or "new age"
subjects, and you'll quickly find yourself

The sad fact is that so much of this so-called
information seems almost to be dis-information,
in that these works which promise to help guide
you in the right direction, they actually seem
to fill people with confusion and even blockages
due to their mistaken rules, redes, and supposed

Let me break this down for you: magick is simple!

In fact, you can start using it NOW, to make what
ever changes you want in your life.  You don't need
to worry about violating some universal law or
praying to the right goddess in the right tone
under the perfect stellar alignment.

All that you have to do is learn the basics, and
then start USING them!

To learn more about how you can start applying
methods and principles that ACTUALLY WORK, to change
your life for the better in every way, check out
my e-book, "Become A Living God" right here:

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Let me start out by saying that, although it may
momentarily sting my ego, I still make mistakes.
The first question that is sure to be asked is,
"But IF you're really a Living God, how can you make
Like you, I am BECOMING a Living God.  And I
personaly believe that this is a neverending process.
In fact, the way that I understand it, unless
you are always growing and learning, then you are
falling behind.  The journey is indeed the goal.
You are the Path, and you are the Palace at the
end of the Path.

That being said, allow me to confess that my
progress has NOT halted, and that I still have room
to learn even the most basic lessons of succeeding
in ritual.
Last week it occurred to me that I hadn't performed
a proper evocation for at least a few months.
The reasons for this are quite positive, in that
I have simply been too busy with Become A Living God,
in putting together the Mastering Divination course
program, as well as managing all of the other extremely
successful projects and endeavors in my life.
In short, the spirits and powers that I have set
to work in my life are constantly at work, constantly
bringing me success in everything I put my hands on.
Ergo, I haven't had either the time nor the need to
perform a ritual of evocation, as my life is literally
overflowing with abundance in every form.
Nevertheless, I recognized that it had been a
while, and like an old lover or best friend, I missed
I cleared a little time from my schedule, and I
laid my Circle of Pacts on the floor.
If you're not familiar with this Circle, it is
a sort of mandala that I've imprinted onto a 6 foot
squared cloth, with images which represent the full-
ness of the processes of Ascent and Convergence.
This is the single implement that I employ faith-
fully in my every evocation.
I knelt in the center of the Circle, and placed
my small censer in the Circle of Pacts, before me, as
well as two black "seven day" candles to either side
of me.
Although I had no specific spirit that I intended
to evoke, I more often use a form of evocation that I
refer to as "The Ritual of Transmutation or Material-
ization," given in my last printed book "The Book of
Azazel: Grimoire of the Damned."
In this ritual, rather than evoking a spirit as
is traditionally done, I instead materialize into
form before me the object or idea that I wish to
manifest in my life, and indeed that object does
appear before me, in legions, in the moment of
evocation, and the object or idea moves immediately
towards me from any distance of space or time.
This is for certain a most complex ritual, and
in fact its successful execution is nothing less than
the acquisition of the Devil's Stone, which will
allow the transmutation of elements, the dematerial-
ization of matter into pure spirit, and the material-
ization of the imaginative into immediate form.
I will be mentoring you in all aspects of evocation,
culminating in this Ritual of Transmutation and Material-
ization in my forthcoming "Mastering Evocation" course
program, which you can find at:

So, back to the ritual, and specifically to the
part where I completely FAILED it!
I lit the incense coal disks in my censer, and lit
the candles, first the left and then the right.
Once the coals were glowing with red embers, I
dropped a few copal resin tears on top, and the smoke
started billowing within seconds.
I began the Grand Invocation of the Pact, repeating
it again and again, while at the same time putting my-
self into the theta-gamma sync.
I focused on the general welfare of my life, the
increasing of my prosperity, happiness, love, and
The theta/gamma sync quickly morphed into the
necessary rapture, and I found myself firmly seated not
in my home, but upon the crossroads between the worlds.
I lifted my eyes to the incense smoke, and I saw it...
not a spirit, a demon, nor my desires materializing in
the air before me.
No.  All that I saw was smoke.  Just damned incense
smoke and nothing more.
Frustrated, I pushed more and more of my desire, not
for an end result, but for a materialization of some sort,
the appearance of any phantom at all.
But there was nothing.
Just smoke.
I blew out the candles, drowned the incense coals,
and withdrew myself from those Crossroads.

This incident bothered me quite a bit.  Or, as I said
before, it bothered my ego.
I have performed hundreds if not thousands of evocations,
without a hitch or glitch, but the success of this one
escaped me.
What did I do wrong?

After meditating on this question and discerning the
answer, I knew that I had to tell you about this, so
you'll know what to avoid.
The entire ritual failed because of one thing: my
desire to evoke in order to CAUSE REAL AND VERIFIABLE
CHANGE was NOT there at all.
My desire was to evoke, just for the hell of it.
To fling about the most potent spiritual art for some
sort of entertainment.
In order for these works to succeed, the correct
elements must be present.
A desire to effect change in the world is key
amongst these.
Desire to effect real change is the fuel in the
engine of all ritual.

I've also outlined a few lessons that I took away
from this, which will surely allow me to move forward
with even greater success:

1. If you exist in any manner at all, your Ascent will
be neverending, and therefore you will err, and in your
errors you will grow.

2. As a Living God, you must learn to walk a razor's
edge between living in desire for this world and all
of its pleasures and opporunities, without being slave
to them.  In other, and hopefully more practical terms:
when a desire arises, utilize your resources to fulfill
that desire, and in the process of manifesting or
attracting the object of your desire, release that
desire, so that you will not obsess over it, and will
thereby guarantee that the object will materialize.

3. Desire must be pure.  I don't mean "pure" as in
holy, but as in authentic.  In order to succeed in
magick, your true goal cannot be to empress others -
even yourself - but to achieve a real result in the
real world.

4. There are no failures, so long as you learn from
your every experience, seemingly negative or positive.
Short time will vindicate your ultimate success.

5. The more often you think, behave, and most importantly
act as a Living God, the more you Become one!

We'll talk again soon.


Real Magick. Real Results.®

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