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SELF-SABOTAGE: The 2 Biggest Occult Mistakes That Sorcerers Make - And My Tested Solutions To Them...

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I received news from my bookmaker that "The Complete Works of E.A. Koetting" is going to start shipping soon, and you'll most likely receive it by the end of this month!!

I'm proud to report that this grand tome hasbroken all my personal records for MOST POPULAR and successful physical talismanic grimoire. It may have even set an occult book record.

The magicians of the world have spoken...

The forces of Magick are ALIVE, and it's devotees demand a real guide to evoking demons, harnessing their power, and traversing the Left Hand Path. The desire for the forbidden knowledge of Magick Ascent is ON FIRE.

What excites me most, is that I know YOU are going to finally ELIMINATE YOUR FEAR of Black Magick. You'll finally SUMMON THE CONFIDENCE to rise up from the shadows of mundane living, and Become A Living God!!

I don't care what your age, gender, race, or status in a magick order is. None of it matters. The highly potent, psycho-active rituals inside my "Complete Works" WILL WORK FOR YOU.

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Hey Friend,

I'm going to take a wild guess that you're reading this email because you have a hunger for forbidden power, unattainable knowledge, and real face-to-face contact with the spiritual.

Even though you are indeed special and unique, you are not alone.

As I've already detailed, the Become A Living God movement is getting HUGE, and our numbers keep growing every day.

This not only tells me that a lot of people want to start having the kind of power, knowledge, and experiences that will change their lives, but it also tells me that they are ready for it, and they're not going to take "no" for an answer!

Once You Have The Magick Knowledge... Where Do You Start?

But, once you have the information and the tools, where do you start?

What I'm noticing isn't that folks don't know what they want to change.  In fact, just about everyone that I talk to who is starting on their own paths to power know exactly what they want to change in their lives.

The problem isn't that they don't know how to make these changes using practical and applied occult methods, because many of them have already thoroughly studied my "Become A Living God" e-book and are making use of the Mastery Programs as they're released, so they have the education and the resources to get to work.

(Note:  If you HAVEN'T downloaded your copy of my e-book, STOP NOW and get it!  The first step is To Know, and this e-book is going to deliver the knowledge that you need to start on your own path to power: Download My Become A Living God eBook)

The problem that I've seen is that those who are ready to start changing their lives by applying the occult principles that they're learning is this:

A lot of people want to use sigil magick or other forms of magick to make extreme, life changing alterations.  This is fine, and in fact, it's perfect!

BIG MISTAKE #1: Wanting To Find One Ritual Or Sigil THAT WILL DO IT ALL

However, what a lot of people try to do is they try to find one ritual or one sigil that will do it all.

They want to be able to call on a spirit or invoke a power or create a talisman that will:

So, I hear from folks all the time who ask me

"What ritual can I perform, what sigil can I use, what demon can I summon to make this happen?"

I bet that you might be in the same boat.  I'll bet that once you realize how much power you have at your disposal, you could think of some amazing things you'd like to make happen in your life, and in the world.

What you really need to do is take it in chunks.

BIG MISTAKE #2: Having A Goal That's TOO BIG and Takes TOO LONG

When you're making these sorts of intense changes in your life, you're trying to eat a circumstantial elephant.  And how do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time!

Now, let me tell you what I've learned through trial-and-error about making huge changes in my life through magick:

I try to keep all of my outcomes within a 6 month timeframe.

This forces me more than anything to observe the changes occurring in my life, and to better organize the steps of my spiritual, physical, emotional, social, and financial ascent.

Sure, I've done rituals for far-reaching goals, and I think that they've all born fruit.  However, when I keep the outcomes at 6 months, there's no "I think" about it.  I can clearly see that the ritual was performed, and the effect was had.

Keeping your desired outcomes to 6 months also allows you to fine-tune your decision making skills.

By this, I mean that if we simply throw a magickal blanket on our lives, we may find that's not exactly the blanket that was needed.  It sort of locks us into major decisions that may not have been of maximum benefit.

So, rather than having 10 years of magickal effect to try to counteract if something goes awry, I only have six months.  And this is important, because many of us who use magick a LOT in our lives are somewhat impulsive people.  We want it all and we want it now.  But that doesn't mean that we'll still want it in 10 years.

Finally, approaching magick in this way allows you to more cleverly navigate around obstacles that do arise, or to destroy those obstacles.  Sometimes, those obstacles are there for a reason, and we need to be aware of that as well... because one thing that obstacles definitely do is make us stop and pay attention to it.  In doing so, we can sometimes see the flaw not in our ritual, but in our desired outcome itself.

You can then easily use divination to discern the nature and purpose of the obstacle, and if necessary we can use sigil magick, evocation, sympathetic ritual, or any other form of practical spirituality to remove the obstacle. 

And, of course, when we use magick to make major life-changing outcomes come to pass, we also need to insert mundane insight and wisdom to the situation.  It's useless to summon any amount of money if you don't have a budget plan, an investment strategy, etc.

As a last word, I also keep a rule of not having more than 3 open sigils at a time, and ALL 3 have to be for separate goals.  If you use 3 different sigils in 3 different rituals to attack the same goal, you obviously are in a tight state of attachment towards the goal.  In this case, I would burn all of the sigils that you have active for that goal, meditate on them, use divination to see more clearly into the situation, and then reassert yourself in 1 chosen ritual, which you can fully invest yourself in and come out of not only no longer obsessing about the outcome, but also experiencing a great deal of success from it!

I'll talk to you again soon!

Your friend,

EA. Koetting

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