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Tap Into The Godlike Power Of Omniscience, So You Get Instant Access To Psychic Information... Anywere, Anytime

Hey Friend,

You can now watch my Mastering Divination program STARTING IMMEDIATELY.

Before you click the big red button below - which will take you to the next page, where you can start viewing the program within minutes, I want you to ask yourself 3 challenging questions:

Question 1: Are you ready to activate your Third Eye for magick clairvoyance? Are you mentally and magickally prepared for such a lifechanging Godlike Transformation?

Do not just say "Yes" to this question. Be honest. You may NOT be ready...

Question 2: Are you prepared to make the crucial switch from armchair intellectual to real magician?

Again, don't say "Yes" unless you are prepared to actually PERFORM divination rituals, as oppossed to just entertain yourself with books on the occult.

Question 3: Are you strong enough to overcome your excuses, self-doubts, and past failures? Are you totally committed to attaining the First Godlike Power in your journey to Become A Living God?

When you are, click right here:


... Because my Mastering Divination program is absolutely revolutionary. I demonstrate the proper use of ALL the most popular and POWERFUL tools and mediums for clairvoyant divination.

Nothing Like This Has EVER Existed Before... It's The FIRST Of It's Kind... This Is A MASSIVE Opportunity For You

This is the first full length, three-dimensional, audio-visual masterclass on magick divination made by a true master sorcerer - a genuine initiate into the deepest, most forbidden secrets of the Dark Arts. Sure, there are a few old school, generic tarot or scrying books out there, but myMastering Divination program is totally out of their league... a cut above the rest in every way.

Inside my program, I show you LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS of how to successfully ACTIVATE and GET RESULTS with virtually every respectable and effective tool and medium of divination... everything from vision-scrying in a black mirror... to flame-scrying in a bowl of fire... to tarot cards and runes... to simple, proven tools likes dowsing rods and Ouija boards.

I am going to FULLY IMMERSE you into the mysterious, and magickal world of divination. And you're going to come out a DIFFERENT, totally transformed, empowered magician... able to receive accurate information directly from the astral plane inside your imagination, and apply it to your reading for stunning results.

Remember: divination is a prerequisite skill for effective evocation, and even soul travel. This is why Omniscience is the First Godlike Power. This is why you NEED to get good at it.

My next training program is going to be Mastering Evocation: Omnipotence (Followed byMastering Soul Travel: Omnipresence). And I'll be giving each to you in short 3-5 month intervals. I URGE you to take the time NOW to get competent at divination, so you can move right into my Evocaton program, then Soul Travel course, with me, like a continuous pathworking through the 3 Godlike Powers, as I start them.

Here's the bottom line:

If you've ever wanted to be a true master of magick, so you can shed your crude mortal skin, and Ascend to Godhood, now is the time to act:


Your friend,

EA. Koetting