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Complete Works of E.A. Koetting

That's right. I've pulled together a veritable SUPERGROUP of occult authors to handcraft the ULTIMATE grimoire of Black Magick.

As you can see, it's quite impressive.

In my expert opinion, my Anthology of Sorcery is the best modern anthology of magickal writing in history - and this is coming from a man who's been published in several different anthologies.

It's NOT just a slapdash compendium thrown together over night. This priceless grimoire was CAREFULLY sculpted by the hands of 17 of the world's finest occult scholars and ritualists. It's an outstanding work of art for our modern age, that could be very well be commemorated for centuries to come - literally!

I urge you to sign up for the secret pre-sale opportunity, because there will be anextremely limited number of copies in both black leather and cloth hardbacks. You'd be wise to make sure you secure this FIRST EDITION grimoire, from our new annual tradition, called Anthology of Sorcery. To reserve your place, go right here:

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Now enjoy today's newsletter dispatch, which reveals...

The Greatest Secret Of Dark Power... The Solution To The "Boiling Frog" Syndrome Of Magick... HINT: Chase The 7-Headed Dragon - I Decode These Metaphors And More Below...

Hey Friend,

Whenever a good magickal system of spellcasting is used to create change in physical reality through ritual and spiritual means, it is extremely rare for the ritual to fail.

Most esoteric systems – and ALL of those that I personally use -  are constructed in such a way that the magickal gestures, the symbols, the Words of Power, and the arrangement of the implements creates automatic change in the individual magician, and resultantly in his or her reality, when combined with pure intention and desire for the result and the full release of that desire in the ritual.

Over the past twenty-some years that I’ve been actively chasing the Mystery through magick, I’ve performed thousands of rituals, and I’ve been able to pinpoint exactly where they go wrong if they do indeed go wrong, and I’ve been able to tailor the magickal system – as well as my own approach to the ritual – with these insights taken into consideration.

But, honestly, experimenting on oneself is hardly a reliable means of determining the value of a thing.

The gap between when I learn something and when I share my findings with others has always been pretty narrow.  I love knowledge and I love experiential understanding so intensely that I just can’t shut up about it.

Because of this drive to share what I learn, I didn’t spend much time performing rituals in private and collecting my notes in secrecy.  Instead, before I had even performed my first ritual I had already recruited several other interested people into occult study and practice, and all I had to do was express my enthusiasm to anyone who seemed even remotely fascinated.

Working magick alongside other ritualists for nearly my entire occult exploration has allowed me to compare notes, conduct peer-review, and refine a magickal system that would work not only for me, but would work for the vast majority of occultists.

This Is Why My System Of Magick Has Been Successful...

Really, this is why the system of magick that I present in all of my works has proven to be so successful for so many people:  I try to keep it as simple as possible, only focusing on what works and what you can reproduce, rather than giving you the dogma and “thou shalts” that has become a burden on humanity’s magickal evolution.

In performing ritual with hundreds of other magicians, and observing hundreds more in their own rituals, not to mention mentoring thousands in these occult arts, I’ve noticed, as I announced at the onset of this letter, that rituals performed from good magickal systems almost always work.

But they don’t always give the magician exactly what he or she desires.

Isn’t that a contradiction?

Either it works and you get what you want, or it doesn’t work and you don’t get what you want... right?

Not exactly.

When I say that “it works,” I mean that these rituals do indeed summon forth and call down the powers that are being invoked.  I mean that the spirits do show up, they do listen to the magicians’ requests, and they do go into the world to bring about the desired change.

It Can Be STARTLING When The Energy Starts To Move...

As an observer of these rites, it can sometimes be startling when the energy starts to move and the darkness forms into shapes, the static air forms into sound, and the desires of the magician form into manifestation before you.  It is difficult to deny that something is most certainly happening.

With the forward motion of the observed ritual, it becomes increasingly difficult to deny that not only has something Else entered the ritual chamber, but it becomes difficult to deny that what is forming is exactly what was intended!

This Is Where We Encounter The "Boiling Frog" Syndome...

This is where we encounter the first obstacle for the magician actually performing the ritual:  while immersed in the magickal operation itself, objectivity is lost (as it absolutely should be).  This results in a “boiling frog” syndrome, meaning that because the changes in the environment and in the self are occurring immediately within and immediately outside of the magician, he or she may not be able to fully appreciate the sometimes suffocating essence that fills the room… and, in extreme cases, the ritualist may not even notice the changes!

If you want to test this out, open and charge a sigil in a room of people who don’t know what you are doing, nor are they paying attention to you at all.  You can place the sigil parchment inside of a book if you like, so that your downwards stare will be easy to dismiss as immersion into a book, rather than immersion into a field of infinite potentiality.

What you will likely notice is that the people around you will either be attracted or repelled by your sigil-charging.  They will try to talk to you, to introduce themselves, to they will just in general appear to want to be closer to you.

The opposite is usually truer, though: you may find the room cleared rather quickly.  Even the most skeptical people can feel the presence of what you are calling into reality, and it terrifies them.  Without knowing why, they will usually put as much distance between themselves and the open sigil as possible.  I’ve seen this happen more times than I can count, and I’ve even noticed animals fleeing the room with tucked tails and drooping heads, trying to escape a danger that they cannot even comprehend.

Yet, as the Operator, you are at the very vortex of the whirlwind that your breath has given life to, and so while everything around you shifts, you may seem to be standing perfectly still.  A little too still for most aspiring magicians.  They want to get slapped by the spiritual hard enough to never again be able to question its existence.

Being the axis of the world you are now consciously creating, it is very likely that you will have no idea how powerful you have become.  The invisible effect that issues from you is tangible and its ability to shape reality is verifiable, yet even the most adept magi will wonder when it’s finally going to set in permanently that the whole of creation exists solely as a base of operations for their experimentations in impossibility.

The first great roadblock to getting the EXACT results you want is not a lack of faith or trust, really, but it is an appetite for amazement that can leave you wondering when the ritual will work, while invisible to you the gates of immortality have already opened up to you, begging you to enter.

The SOLUTION Is To "Chase The 7-Headed Dragon"

The solution to this is the most dangerous, and so very few ever take it.  The only way to satisfy your appetite for amazement – probably for the first time in your life! – is to chase the seven headed dragon as hard as you can.  Descend to the depths and fly into the sun, and if you make it through alive and reasonably sane, you’ll never again have to wonder if “anything is happening.”  There is a certain attunement that is won only through and intimate, crushing, and enduring  immersion.

The second roadblock is very similar to the first, and it is just as damaging to the full success of the ritual or manifestation.

Once the ritual has been performed and you leave the temple, you will then have to confront reality.

Let me put it this way:  as an occultist, you have taken a good look at reality and you have found it lacking in some specific way.  Your desire for the change in reality moves you to take action, to perform a ritual to change it.

In the ritual, you are able to jump interdimensional streams.  You are able to connect to a reality that, until the ritual, existed only in your imagination, and you are able to make that reality so real for yourself that it is unquestionable.

As soon as you conclude the ritual and exit your Temple, you will be forced to return to a reality that is lacking.  This is enough to cause most magicians to begin to work against themselves, wondering “why isn’t the ritual working yet?” or “when will I start to see the effects?”

Now, this line of self-questioning is not the problem itself, but is merely a symptom of the problem.

The real problem is the self-immersion into the reality that is being manifested was not deep enough, not intense enough to override everything else.

The ritual itself needs to create a schism in your perception of reality.  It needs to shake you and traumatize you, impressing upon every part of yourself that the reality you are attempting to create from your imagination is indeed the only true reality.

This impression needs to be so clear that when you emerge from the ritual and revisit the world, that you will KNOW that the reality that you see around you is a façade, and that the REAL one is pushing through the surface.  The internal impact of the ritual and of your immersion into its energies should have disturbed you to the degree of dissociation – you are no longer even capable of validating the world that you have destroyed by questioning the world that you have magickally created.

This is the true power of the ritual.  What you are doing in the 15 or 20 minute ritual is only the catalyst for the magickal change that you have created within your own self, which then sees it’s own reflection in the world outside.

This is also true if you are the recipient of a ritual that another magician has performed on your behalf… pacing the room and waiting for results will guarantee failure, and is a sure signal of your lack of immersion into the reality that you desire.

The great secret of power is that the only thing that you can change is yourself.  But in doing so, you will have the power to change everything else that you see!

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You friend,

EA. Koetting