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The Irreplaceable Value of Ecstasy In Evocation

Hey Friend,

About a week ago, I consulted a magician who had only performed a few basic rituals and meditations, but she wanted more.
She wanted more power, more knowledge, and most of all, a more solid and direct contact with the forces that she was calling.
She wanted to be able to evoke a spirit, and
rather than just feel it in the room and get a vague, inner-vision sense of what it looked like and sounded like, she wanted to produce a full materialization of the spirit.
I spent some time on the phone with her, discussing what she had already tried, what she wanted to achieve, and giving her some golden advice that would help her get exactly what she wanted.

Learn How To Use Your Own Body To *Do The Impossible!*

Just yesterday I spoke with her again.
She followed my advice, and this is what she had to report:
"I did exactly what you told me to, E.A.  And
before I could even finish the verbal conjuration,
my whole room went black.  It was daytime, and sunlight should have been coming through the windows, but the room went completely black.  I could barely even see the candle light.
"BUT, I could still see the incense smoke, and
it seemed more alive than ever, and was even glowing or shimmering, if that makes sense...

..."With a lot of noise, like small thunder everywhere, the smoke swirled around and the body of the spirit developed in the smoke.

"Just like you said, the world disappeared, and
I was left alone at the crossroads, the spirit and
I being the only things left in existence."

Wow!  That is quite an experience to have!  This is very similar to what I experience in an evocation as well, and all it took to get this powerful Sorceress there was fine-tuning her approach.

So, What Was My "Secret Advice" That Made The Difference For Her?

I told her what I tell a lot of people who are trying to learn evocation but are having a hard time:
You have to lose yourself in the Rapture!
Now, I know that some of this may be a new jargon, a new way of thinking and speaking, so let's break it down just a bit:
In modern religious terms, the word "Rapture" is most often associated with the second coming of Jesus, and the lifting up of the righteous into the heavens with that religious figure.
Although this is obviously an embedded fantasy within that particular mythology, it does teach us quite a bit.
In order to acheive the supposed rapture, the individual cannot exist in the same body and mind and form as before.  Instead, the body, the mind, the perceptions, and everything about the individual needs to become elevated.
In spiritual terms, this elavation is called transfiguration.
The transfiguration of the self is an automatic process.  It cannot be forced, but can only be
In the same manner, it is impossible for the mind, being conditioned by decades of sensory imput from a linear, 3 dimensional world, to begin interpreting and making sense of objects appearing not in 3 dimensions, but in a hyperdimensional platform.
In other words, during an evocation, the spirit will ALWAYS come, but the senses will often not recognize it.  This will create an odd feeling, the awareness that something has changed, but not a direct conscious contact.
In order to have such a direct contact, the senses need to be elevated... the self needs to be transfigured.
This transfiguration is what I often call "The Rapture."  Its hallmarks are a withdrawing of the senses from 3 dimensional space and a narrowing of them upon objects beyond normal human awareness.
Often, when entering into the Rapture, you will feel as though you're losing consciousness.  A lightheadedness will descend on you, and your field of vision will tunnel towards the Triangle or the incense smoke.  It is crucial that once the Rapture has begun, that you not flee it in fear of actually losing consciousness, but that you see it hrough... because at the other side of the black veil lies Mystery Unveiled!

My 3-Fold Method For Getting Yourself Into The Rapture State... COAX The Transfiguration!

I outline below a 3 fold method of getting yourself into the Rapture state, or in other words, how to coax the transfiguration...

1.Enter the theta-gamma sync.  In my e-book "Become A Living God," I give several great methods that can be used to acheive this.  Basically, it is triggered usually through vision, by gazing through objects or people, or by realxing your gaze upon a surface while withdrawing the conscious attention into inner awareness, such as a visualization of the hoped-for outcome.  Once
the theta-gamma sync begins, the visual field will distort, often causing the effect of seeing static in the air, having 2 dimensional objects assume 3 dimensional shapes, or noticing 3 dimensional objects assume meta-dimensional attributes.  When held for any duration, the next stage is a loss of equilibrium.  You will feel as if your body is tumbling in empty space, as if the floor has
dropped out from underneath you.
  The final stage of the theta-gamma sync is a loss of proprioception, which is our awareness of our position within our environment.  In other words, you'll no longer be unconsiously aware that you are sitting in a chair in your living room at all, but will be in what I like to call "Zero Space."  From this depth of the theta-gamma sync, you can access the 3 Godlike Powers of Omniscience, Omnipresence, and Omnipotence quite effortlessly.

2.To get from the theta-gamma sync, it is vital that you resist the urge to retreat inwards.  It is quite alluring at this point to close your eyes and drift serenely through an ocean of nothingness, but this creates nothing and does nothing.  You will here need to refocus yourself on your goal.  If such is the materialization of the spirit, gaze then again at the incense smoke, and begin giving the conjuration.  Begin to funnel the fullness of your receptive and transmittive power towards the
incense smoke and towards the materialization of the spirit.

3.Finally, you cannot rely on psychological shifts alone.  By this, I mean that the necessary shifts are not to be restricted to the mind, but must encompass the whole of your self.
The shift must be physiological as well.  The change cannot be in your mind alone, but must also be in your blood, in your organs, in the air that you breathe and the sparks at the tips of your nerves.  Any sort of motion will help trigger this connection.  I often find myself rocking back and forth in cadence with the conjuration, and my rocking becomes more and more violent, cresting with the booming materialization of the spirit before me.

These were the suggestions, these fine-tuning pieces of advice, that allowed the magician to finally experience her first full materialization of a spirit!

...Now tell me. Are YOU facing unique difficulties in your own magickal development? Are you having trouble awakening your astral vision, or is evoking an entity to physical appearance feel like a near-impossibility for you?

I would be SHOCKED if it wasn't. Even the best of the best needed to learn how to overcome these issues along the beginning of their learning curve. This is why it's CRUCIAL you get advice from masters of magick who are more advanced than you are... so they can help you skip the YEARS of trial and error... and get right the "good stuff".

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We'll talk again soon...

Your friend in Power,

EA. Koetting

P.S.I hope you're appreciating the new design of my Become A Living God newsletter. I believe it gives a far more compelling experience as a reader!!