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The One Thing That You NEED To Know About Magick... And If You DON'T Know It, You Will NEVER EVER Succeed Long Term...

Hey Friend,

Sometimes rituals are successful, even when they don't go how you plan.

Actually, from my experience, rituals are MOST successful when they don't go the way that you plan them to.

Just last week I had some mundane circumstances unfold that upset me quite a bit.

I don't want to get into all of the boring details of this, but I'll just say that an investment that I'm involved in was threatening to collapse entirely.  It by no means would have devastated me financially, but I had come to rely on the residual income to the extent that I would have to make some serious adjustments.

So, being a diligent ritual magician, I performed an evocation.  The entity that I called upon does not appear in any grimoire, but is a sort of hybrid of South American shamanic entity with an ancient druidic nature spirit.

As a side-note, once you Master Evocation, you'll find that you rely less and less on the grimoired spirits, as you can easily look into the ether and find spiritual beings of unimaginable power. Anyways...

The Spirit Materialized And Stood In Front Of Me Only Inches Away From My Face, Looking Blue-Greenish, Smelling Stale Like Moss...

I told him or her (as its gender is unrecognizable) about my concerns.

"Well," the spirit said, "this is quite the problem."

"Yes, it is! I replied, and waited.

The spirit thought for a moment, and asked me, "So, what are you going to do about it?"

It's been quite some time since an evoked spirit has made me stammer and stutter, but this one did!

"Well... I... that's, uh, that's why I'm calling you."  I felt like a kid asking his dad to borrow the car.

The spirit was momentarily silent again, and then asked me, "... and then what?"

I must have been missing the point, because the spirit restated, "What are YOU going to do about this?" with emphasis on the word "you."

Then, without being dismissed or even thanked, the spirit dematerialized, and I stood in my temple alone.

I love to read, as well as write.  If I find myself between tasks with free time, I'll often write you a letter as I'm doing now, or I'll pick up a book and read.  I also enjoy reading at night while laying in bed waiting for sleep to take me.

That Night After Evoking A Spirit, I Read An Article By One Of My Favorite Occult Authors...

That particular night, after evoking that particular spirit, I read an article by one of my favorite occult authors, Julius Evola, called On the Magickal View of Life from the book An Introduction to Magick by the infamous Ur Group.

This passage is:

Mercy, fear, hope, impatience, anxiety - these are all spiritual cave-ins that nourish occult and vampiric powers of negation.  Take compassion, for instance: it does not eliminate anything from the others misfortune, but allows it to perturb your spirit.  If you can, then act: assume the person of the other and give him your strength.  Otherwise, detatch yourself.  It is the same for hatred: when you hate, you degrade yourself.  If you desire, if your sense of justice demands it, tear down and cut away, without your spirit becoming perturbed.

Now, I've talked with you before about the idea of nonattachment, and one of the major hang-ups with it is that I'm always preaching nonattachment, but in the next breath I say that we need to learn to forge the elements of this world with our spiritual might so that we can build an Empire here on earth, for now and all time.  Those two ideas - one of empire building and the other of nonattachment - may seem contradictory, or even mutually exclusive.

But, the genius of Evola gives us the answer here: Act, but do not act out of emotion.  Act instead out of the knowing of what needs to be done.  Is this not the very idea of Dharma?  Doing that which must be done?  I assert that it is.

So, I looked again at my situation, and realized how much emotion I had tied up into my financial investments.  The issue wasn't that I would lose money, because I have money, and I have several other and more profitable avenues of income.  The issue was that I had become emotionally attached to the outcome, and therefore wasn't approaching the situation like a God, but rather like a fearful mortal.

The very next day, I started planning on the eventual reorganization of my investments,  I made phone calls to business partners, I assessed my financial situation, and realized that I'm in dandy shape.  If the threatened investment fell through, it could easily be replaced by another.  If not, then nothing had to change.  But either way, I had every lined out so that within minutes I would be able to shift gears and put my plan into place.

The funny part of it is that I never had to.  The investors and share-holders compromised on the risky aspects of the venture, and my portion of the income is not only unchanged, but will likely see an increase.

I'm certain that the teaching spirit that I had summoned had arranged the circumstances of the successful outcome, as it went from doomed to on track literally overnight, but that it would have refused to act if I hadn't learned my lesson about acting without attachment, in ritual or otherwise.

That is the emotional state you NEED for success, and without it, you will fail. I assure you.

You're Probably Wondering... How Can YOU Learn To See, Hear, And Even SMELL Spirits Like Me... How Can You Speak To Them And Get REAL Answers And Positive Outcomes?

The truth is, I did not ALWAYS know how to do this. In fact, when I first got started as a sorcerer, I sucked big time.


Nothing worked. I was blind and deaf to the spirits. I didn't even get an intuitive sense that evocations worked. I had nothing. And quite frankly, if it wasn't for my neverending fascinating of the occult, I'd probably have "closed the book" on that chapter of my life and given up, like so many other failed magicians have.

But over time, I intensely practiced and performed what's called "Divination", as you may know.

Way by way, I quickly unfolded my psychic abilities, and OPENED my Third Eye to see through my astral sight for clairvoyance, clairaudience, and more... my ability to enter the Theta-Gamma Synch and experience the Rapture.

The truth is, I made A TON of mistakes and hit A LOT of bumps in the road along my journey, and my magick perception took MUCH LONGER than it needed to.

Quite frankly, there's NO REASON why you should have to suffer those same pitfalls that I did.

This is why I designed my program, Mastering Divination: Omniscience, so that YOU and other aspiring, hard core magicians and mystics can get competency and success with attaining the Theta-Gamma Synch, performing accurate clairvoyant readings, and SEEING AND HEARING real spirits inside evocation ritual - so that it's a two-way conversation instead of you just "talking to yourself" outloud.

...and the exciting and TRUE part is that you are going to succeed FASTER THAN I DID, because you'll have my guidance to lead you through your Divinatory Ascension.

What's more, it's irrelevant what your current level of skill is. You literally can be either a beginner or a proficient. I have so many NEW and ORIGINAL lessons and techniques in here that you're sure to transform your mundane magick power into shining OMNISCIENCE.

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I'll talk to you again soon!

Your friend,

EA. Koetting

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