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How To Be An Intellectual Archaeologist Of Occult Knowledge, And Dig Up The Truth About Spirit Evocation Burried Deep Inside The Encripted Pages Of Ancient Grimoires

I've told you a million times already how powerful evocation can be when you apply it correctly in your life to create the changes that you want and need, but can't seem to manifest with other methods.

The only way that you can know for sure is to try it yourself.  Just about everyone who has taken me up on this challenge report unprecedented success with evocation... many of them having struggled for years with every other method out there.

What's unique about my approach is that I take the dogma out of the ritual.  What this leaves you is a step-by-step system that you can follow, and that you'll be able to apply to the full evocation of any spiritual entity, as well as the materialization of any desire that you might have.

I reveal this method in the world's first fully comprehensive Mastering Evocation: Omnipotence program, which will take you from your first spiritual contact into unimaginable levels of magickal power.

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Receive The HOLY GRAIL Of Evocation

Dear Friend,

As you start to use evocation to change your life and to cause literal miracles to manifest around you, you're going to want to find different spirits that you can summon, spirits that are able to bring you the very specific things that you desire.

Grimoires Instruct How To Summon, Constrain, And Dismiss Spirits In Evocation...

Information about these spirits is usually collected in arcane tomes called 'grimoires.'  In general, grimoires contain the names, attributes, and symbols of a variety of spirits.  Some grimoires focus on demons, others on angels, and really, when you look at the whole collection of grimoires, you'll notice that just about every type of spirit can be found.

Grimoires also provide instructions for how to summon these spirits to visible appearance, how to constrain them to obey your commands, and how to release them into the world to do your bidding.

Today, you can order most grimoires from your local bookstore, translated into several common languages, and many of them edited with commentary dissecting the original written material.

But Authors Encrypted Magick Grimoires Secretly To Escape Incrimination Of Violating Religious Law

When these secret writings were first discovered, though, there were several levels of "decoding" that had to be done in order to even read the material.

Some grimoires were written in cipher, meaning that they were actually written in code, so that unless you knew the rules of the code that would allow you to break it, the words would seem like meaningless gibberish.

This is the first level of the grimoire code, and was done for a few reasons.

1st Reason: for the past century at least, Christianity and Islam have ruled most of the worlds governments and societies, and the fragility of those faiths cannot tolerate any fair competition. Anyone who might present spiritual views contrary to their own would experience a swift silencing, often through execution or imprisonment.  This is still going on today, but on a much more covert level.

2nd Reason: for ancient sorcerers to hide their information through code is that often those writing these texts were nobility or clergy, and so they were keenly aware of the consequences of others knowing exactly what occult things they were up to.

3rd Reason: that the authors of grimoires would encode their writings is because the act of concealment of information was thought to be a Dark Art in itself, and supposedly increased the magickal potency of the thing being written, and even enhanced the raw power of the person who is able to decode the writings.  I'm pretty comfortable in revealing that this is a fallacy.  Keeping information secret for the sake of secrecy only makes people FEEL like what they're doing is important and mysterious.  Real power will bear testimony of itself through its ability to act upon the world.

After the initial code of the text has been broken, then the information would usually need to be translated into an accessible language, as the process of decoding the cipher would result in a text written in the tongue of the author, rather than that of the reader.

While in most cases, when going from modern French to modern English, this isn't going to present any obvious challenges, when you start translating older languages into more modern ones, you confront difficulties.  Language is not only an oral and written system of passing on information, but language itself is embedded with cultural programming.  For example, the word Daimon meant "good spirit" or "helpful entity" in its original Greek, but the word "Demon" now has sinister connotations.

Much of our modern language has been developed under Christianity, and has been engineered in a way that subconsciously programs us in a variety of ways.

So, if you translate from an ancient language into a more modern, western language, you're going to end up filtering the original ideas through the screens of the Judeo-Christian paradigm by the mere virtue of the language that we use.

Some core ideas are bound to get confused.

The next level of the grimoire code is that the original text will be religion-specific.  If the author of the text is Catholic, the conjurations will ridicule the demons in the name of Jesus, and will attempt to coerce them by the power of the Cross.  If the magician who wrote the grimoire is Muslim, the names of Allah will be invoked to aide in constraining the spirit into obedience.

This is especially interesting when you understand that many of the spirits that you're calling predate Christianity, Islam, and even predate the ancient Israelites, some of them having been worshipped and summoned by the first shaman to walk the earth.

Strip Away The Religious Trappings To Reveal The Authentic, Usable Occult Knowledge On Evocation

In order to use the grimoires effectively, we have to take the information out of its religious context and instead look at it from the vantage of the spirit.  What does it want?  What is its motivation?  How can we ally ourselves with these spirits to establish the foundation for the ultimate achievement of our goals?

When we consider these levels of grimoire-encoding, and we notice how accessible this information is for us today, it's obvious that a good amount of the work has been done for us.  The work that remains for us to do, then, is to use this information, to start summoning spirits.

When you realize that evocation is capable of opening the doors to infinite possibility, the depth of your imagination is the only limit to what you're going to be able to achieve!

Now, this is the fourth level of the grimoire code.  Application.  And it is probably the most overlooked.

Whether you've decoded the grimoire from the original cipher, or if you've just pulled it off of the shelves are started reading, the Mystery will not reveal itself until you take the ideas and bring them to life.  Once you do give the spirits form and open the portal for them to be recalled into this world, the layers of the illusion will peel away and you will know, without any hesitation, that YOU are a Living God!

I'll talk to you again soon!

Your friend,

EA. Koetting

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