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The Ancient Vodoun God, Legba, Reveals To Me The One Spiritual Practice That EVERYONE Forgets - This Realization Speeds Up The Results You Get From Your Magick Rituals!

Friend, you probably know by now that every month I sit down for an hour or more to talk with some of the leading figures in modern spirituality about their magickal processes, the struggles and successes they've experienced along the way, the lessons that they've learned, and the impact that they have on the world as they pursue their individual Destinies.

What you might not know (unless you've already subscribed to this interview series) is that these interviews are PACKED with information, techniques, and exercises that you can start applying to your own spiritual journey!

In fact, I make it a point to ask these magi during the course of the conversation to give the listeners some ritual, meditations, or other magickal methods that they can put into practice in their lives today.

I have to tell you, I've come away from most of these interviews having learned quite a bit, and I usually will sit in my office for a few minutes after the conversation ends applying what they've taught me, so that I can continue to learn, grow, and reap real benefits in my life from them.

This month, I agreed to turn the tables on myself, putting myself in the "hot seat" for a change.  Nate Bales, a fellow spiritual traveler and member of the Become A Living God movement, ripped into my brain with a voracious appetite.  He'd already read everything I've written, worked through my courses, and listened to all of my interviews, and he was ready to take things to the next level.

Nate tore into subjects that most people don't even dare to mention:

So much of this interview dug in to aspects of spirituality that I normally NEVER discuss, and Nate was relentless in getting me to open up more and more.

This was an explosive start to the year, and we're lining up some of the most intense and influential spiritual leaders to come aboard our "Interviews With A Magus" in 2013.

You absolutely cannot afford to miss out on this goldmine of knowledge.

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Hey Friend,

I got the opportunity yesterday to walk out into the desert, and to speak with an old friend.

Now, I live in the middle of a literal oasis on the edge of the Mojave desert, and I've found that certain spirits love the solar forces stored in the sandstone and red dirt.

The Spirits Are More Receptive To You When You're In Nature

Really, ALL spirits can be found much more easily in nature than in a synthetic environment.  If you ever want to get into communion with spirits, simply walking out into nature with that intention locked in your mind will get you there.

On this particular occasion, three of my friends invited me to come out to the desert with them for a quick and simple ritual of Haitian Vodoun.  Vodoun (which is the root of the modern Voodoo religion) is sacred to me, as I have been initiated into the deepest levels of the spiritual path.

We drove as far as we could across bumpy dirt roads, all of us in different cars, searching with only our spiritual eyes and our intuitive senses for the one spot in the desert expanse that was calling to us.

These are what I call "spiritual hot-spots."  I'm sure you've come across a few of these in your journeys as well.  They're basically areas that, for one reason or another, 'feel' different than the surrounding areas, as if the veil between the worlds has worn thin.  Often in these hot spots some quiet bizarre and supernatural things are reported.  At the very least, most magicians can single these spots out and make use of them in ritual.

All at once, all four cars pulled to the side of the dirt road.  We could feel the hot spot in south, just beyond a small hill and down a short valley.

Into that direction we walked, dodging desert cactus and stepping across ancient volcanic rock, until again we all stopped and pointed at the same small area, clear of plants and rocks, and vibrating with power.

...I Sprinkled Corn Meal Into The Shape Of A Sigil... One Friend Poured Out Rum... Another Lit A Cigar And Blew The Smoke On The Symbol... While Still Another Offered Up A Loaf Of Bread...

I took out a box of corn meal and sprinkled it on the ground, drawing with the powder the veve or magickal symbol of Legba, the Vodoun father of all magick.  We stood in a circle, gazing at the symbol, opening our psychic vision and opening a gateway to the spirit world.

One of my friends sprinkled rum on the ground as an offering to Legba.  Another lit a cigar and blew the smoke on the symbol.  The last person tore the heel off a fresh loaf of bread and placed it on the veve as another offering.

We then stood, still in a circle, and joined hands, palm to palm, to create a circuit of power through our bodies.  Through breath control, visualization, and energy manipulation, we moved the energy through our bodies to the person to our left, pushing the culminated energy in a clockwise circle, to awaken Legba, the Vodoun god of the Sun.

Let me take one step backwards really quick and tell you that I'm currently in the process of manifesting massive change for my life, for the Living God Movement, and for reality as a whole.  While the things that I'm pushing into reality are indeed occurring, I've also noticed that other things in my life are crumbling.  And even though I know at a spiritual level that these are things that are no longer useful in my life - and may actually stand in my way - the ego part of me wants to hold on to these crumbling towers, simply because their demolition was not my direct command.

And let me say also that many of these extremely powerful rituals are also very easy.  You can learn a great deal of them, and more, in my "Become A Living God" e-book, absolutely risk-free.

Learn The "Foundation" Rituals Of Magick

As the power raced through and through us, and the ecstasy climaxed, the wind blew lightly over the sandy hills and through the dry sage bushes.  In the light whistling of the wind, I heard a faint voice, and even though I could barely make it out, I knew that it was speaking to me.  I knew that He was speaking to me.

"You must work with both hands.  You must learn how to close doors as well as open them."

In that very moment, a butterfly flew beneath our circle of arms, soared in a spiral upwards inside of the circle, and fluttered in front of my face for at least ten good seconds.

Most people would see this as an amusing coincidence.

I know better.  This was no ordinary butterfly.  No, this was a messenger sent to deliver a message.

The butterfly is an icon of change... of metamorphosis.  And this butterfly was there to tell me that I am in the process of ripping out of my cocoon and letting my wings carry me beyond my wildest anticipations.

Once we had all peaked in our experience, we sat on the earth, each of us silent, contemplating the realizations that we had come to.

I realized, in that simple ritual, that as magicians we are VERY good at opening doors.  We're good at making new things happen for us.  We've become adept at creating opportunities that would otherwise never come.  We're masters of summoning every desire that we want.

But, with all of these strengths, we have a major weakness.

That weakness is that we are sore losers.

We've become so accustomed to stretching out our spiritual hands and making the fabric of the world align with our will that when something doesn't conform to our plan, it throws us off.

What we are failing to realize is that in order for some doors to be opened, other doors must be closed.

To Move Into The Future, You Must Complete The Past

In order to move into the future, we have to bring the past to completion.

As I reflected on this, I understood that I need to not only open the doors for future possibility, but that I need to be able to close the doors on those things that are no longer serving the fulfillment of that Vision.

In fact, I'll even go a step farther in saying that what I came to understand is that when it is apparent that whatever situation or circumstance is out of sync with the Vision of where I am guiding this whirlwind of reality, I should not only allow those things to pass, but that I should find the pillars that keep those situations from crumbling, and begin to pull them down.

I invite you to do the same.  Take a look at your life, at your world, at your reality, and notice that, as you open doors through magick to new possibilities, other doors may need to close.  And go to work closing them, and you'll see the delay between the ritual and its success closing rapidly!

I'll talk to you again soon!

Your friend,

EA. Koetting

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