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Follow These Mystical Steps To Transcend The Dying Causal Self And Attain Your Immortal God Self—The Atman—Through What Is Called The "Vortex Of Command"

From Timothy: OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT—We will release the secretive and legendary "18 Initiatory Flames" of the Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis on December 29th in a gorgeous crimson leather textbook. It will include all-new commentary by E.A., and a companion video course whereby E.A. demonstrates how to perform the most critical rituals of the infamous pathworking live for you.

This annoucement will SHOCK many, because several years ago E.A. vowed to never release the privileged discourses of the 200-page illuminated treatise ever again. However, the demand has genuinely overwhelmed us, so I twisted E.A.'s arm to release it just once more in a short 100-book run.

The Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis furnishes a truly practical guide to Dark Ascent—unmatched by anything else. E.A. channelled the initiatory flames from specific Ascended Masters over 10 years ago. This priceless occult manual comprised the definitive Pathworking for the black magick order prior to its retirement at its peak in 2011.

Here's what to do: click here right now to reserve your spot for the 48-hour pre-order on Monday, December 29th. You will receive 2 full days to secure your copy/copies before everyone else. We estimate this probably will sell out fast due to the strictly limited quantity, so ready yourself to take action in the pre-order.

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Note this newsletter constitutes the third and final installment of a three-part series.

Hey Friend,

So far, in this special newsletter triad, I’ve laid out everything needed to activate your 3rd eye way beyond what has been put out there before.  I’ve hopefully cleared up misunderstandings about the 3rd Eye itself, and you should now know that it is not an eye from which you see, but instead is the Eye with which all things can be created, changed, or even destroyed.

Now, how to go from just energizing your 3rd eye to fully empowering, opening, and activating isn’t as difficult as you might imagine.  It does take discipline, however, as the techniques I’m about to give you will need to be practiced daily as you gain more and more control over your Vortex of Command each day, until your moment of breakthrough into infinite capability is engaged!

***Once you’ve activated your Ajna Chakra, experiencing it building pressure in your forehead and then engaging waves of energy rising through your being and discharging from the Eye, and once you can feel the vacuum grounding pull in your Ze’al Chakra, you’re ready for the next level!

***With your Ajna pushing and your Ze’al pulling, you will be balanced within yourself.  Your asanas will become perfect.  Your focus will become pure.  Your Power will become Godlike, effortless, flowing through you rather than being pushed from you. Find the internal balance, recognize it, embrace it.  It feels like nothing – perfect and pure nothing.  It isn’t guided by thought or by emotion.  It is only guided by Will, by Intention. You can neither be annoyed by your progress, nor can you be excited by it. You can only observe it, and as you observe yourself without attachment, the transfiguration begins.

***Turn your attention to a single spot in front of you.  If you are doing this with your eyes closed, you will see rings of light on the screen of your inner vision.  The rings may change colors, shapes, textures, they may even make sounds more complex than any orchestra.  None of this is worth your attention.  Nothing is worth your attention.  And that Nothing is there, in the center of your vision, in the middle of these rings of light on your inner screen.  You can’t look at it directly, but you can only observe it casually.  Once you look for it, or look at it, it moves.  As long as you observe it with neither interest nor concern, it will remain the center of your entire observation.

***As you observe this central foveal spot with your eyes closed and with no attachment to it, a critical moment will be achieved.  For some, this may take a few days or weeks of daily practice.  Others require years before they can drop mind enough to truly observe.  At some point, though, the central nothingness, the spot which is not a spot at all, but the absence of any form, image, or likeness whatsoever, will spring to life, and like a fish darting out of water, the velvety nothingness of it will expand and will encompass your entire field of vision.

***At this point, the meditation is best continued with eyes open, if you’ve had them closed.  I personally have found most meditations to be more effective with my eyes open, although it also makes them much more difficult.

***The foveal spot will remain before you as long as you remain outside of attachment to it, regardless of your eyes being opened or closed.  The velvety nothingness will expand, encompassing all that you see, and all that you hear, and all that you observe in every way that you can observe.  It will swallow you, devouring you with a completeness that is of ultimate comfort.

***The nothingness will swallow you in degrees, sometimes signified to the conscious mind through colors.  Red, green, yellow, blue, white, gold, silver, violet, orange, and even brown degrees of nothingness will come.  Dwell in it, become it, allow it to take you on Xibalba’s Road as far as you are ready to go, neither amused by the color or the feeling or the observation of it, nor irritated that it is not another color.  All colors are the same to you, in a state of pure observation.  You can see the difference, but you know that these are still illusion.

***Continue forward meditation after meditation, day after day in such a sublime state of nonattachment, and the colors will change and they will attempt to make you care for one of them more than the other, tempting you to wish today to see velvety magenta-ness. They will produce phantoms who will come to teach you amazing secrets.  They will materialize ancestors having returned to sing your praises.  They will become everything that is.  You have no attachment, and therefore you can truly observe.  You know that the only thing that is not illusion is nothing.  This is the Bodhi forest where the Dakini dwell.  And like Tilopa raping the Dakini Queen upon her throne, you are free to engage in any activity before you, so long as you do so without attachment to it.  You can learn from the Masters who come to you in these supreme states.  You can visit other places, other people, other times.  But, your goal is Everything, and the path to Everything is Nothing… the nothingness that is the pupil of the Eye of Power.

And then it will come, the black nothingness, velvety blackness, before your eyes it will emerge as a rift in the illusion.  You will see then the Third Manifestation of the 3rd Eye.  There is the Open Eye within your brow.  There is the Hidden Eye at the base of your skull.  And then you will see the 3rd Eye in front of you, several feet outwards.  Your 3rd Eye is the rift in the illusion, and as godlike power flows through you, out of your Ajna Chakra, held steady by your Ze’al, you are puncturing the illusion of reality, and before you can congratulate yourself for your accomplishment, all light and color and form and all that is will be swallowed by the Event Horizon of your third 3rd Eye.

You will then be nowhere. You will be nothing.  All that you observed as real will have been destroyed in the moment that you opened your Third Eye.  You observe infinite, eternal, unending Nothing.  But, you are observing it.  What is it that observes, if all has been destroyed?  You will have then successfully transferred your identity away from your causal, dying self, and you will have Become the Immortal Self, the Eternal Self, the Atman.  Don’t think too much about that, though, or you’ll get sucked back into attachment, and the descent back into a physical world that you just annihilated can be harsh.  Stay with the nothingness.  Breathe it in and subsume it, as the only thing that exists within the void.

And then create, as only a God can create.  Without attachment, without a sense of loss or hope, with only your unobstructed will, rebuild the world as it should be.  Begin the resurrection with your own self.

The real understanding that all of this leads to is a knowledge that can only be gained by having the experience of doing this, of moving from the benevolent savior into the skin of the Destroyer of Worlds, and then into the Living God risen from your palaces of pain and set upon the Thrones of the Immortals.   What you will find out only when you have annihilated existence and created it again in your own Eternal image, is that when you open your eyes, you will witness right in front of them the old world withering away, and your new world springing up in its place.  You will witness reality shifting around you.  The full manifestation of your vision may take time, and I can guarantee that by the time everything is exactly the way you wanted it to be, your vision will have matured, your insight will have deepened, and you will once again open your Ajna Chakra, your Vortex of Command, destroying it all so that you can recreate it all, this time better, this time more perfect.

I'll talk to you again soon...

You friend,

EA. Koetting