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Why Spirits Obey You & How You Can Command Limitless Power!

Dear Comrade In Power,

If you haven't noticed from my previous newsletters, books, articles, interviews, and seminars, the subject of ritual evocation is by far my favorite occult practice.
Not only does evocation allow you to call into
materialization any spirit that you desire, and to
command that spirit, but in the process of learning to effectively evoke, you're also (mostly uncosciously) disciplining yourself in the template of creation of something from nothing.
But, one question pops up over and over again about this subject, especially in radio interviews.
It seems that other people are just as interested in evocation as I am, because as soon as it is mentioned, the topic dominates the conversation.
I often get asked questions like, "What are demons?", "What are angels?", "Do you actually see the spirit?", and "What can evoking spirits do for you?", as well as many, many other questions that are repeated over and over.
But one question inveritably arises more than any other:

"Why do these spirits obey you anyways?"

The background for this question is pretty solid, when you really think about it.

If you think about it, the demons, angels, planetary spirits, intelligences, elementals, and diverse other entities that you can evoke are not only much older than YOU are, but they're even older than the human race!

These spirits have power that is beyond our normal comprehension, and their knowledge extends further than we can imagine.
This makes evoking them very tempting indeed, but it also leaves us to wonder:

"Why would a powerful spirit listen to and obey me?"

In order to answer this, we need to look at not only the underlying motivations of spirits, but also
at the core nature of spirits.
We can be pretty sure that spirits - which, once again, predate the human race - don't exist in the form that they assume when evoked.  In other words, it wouldn't make sense that an entity that has evolved in a realm absent of gravity, mass, time, and matter would have limbs and organs and orifices that humans have evolved in order to interact with our environment.
In fact, it is pretty safe to say that the real environment that spirits are embedded in is one of
pure consciousness and pure power.
So, once you strip away the forms that spirits assume in evocation, not to mention the mythologies and folk-tales about them,  you can easily see them as super-conscious embodiments of pure power.
Now, if spirits are power incarnate,  the next question is: "What does power want?"
Most people will answer, "More power!"
This assumes that the power in question is lacking, that it doesn't possess or have access to unlimited power.
Having performed thousands of evocations, I can assure you that any spirit evoked has access to more power than they'll ever utilize in your service.
So, if power is absolute, what then does it want?
Power is not prone to stasis.    Power wants to move, to act, to do something!
So, when you perform an evocation and you set the spirit on a task, you don't have to demand that the spirit help you or worry about having to sacrifice something in order for the spirit to do its job.
You're already giving the spirit something that it wants: you're giving it something to act upon!
Predators want to hunt.  Lovers want to make love. Trees want to grow towards the sun.  Wind wants to blow. Consciousness wants to develop.

And power wants to act!

Taking this out of the context of evocation, once you recognize at an experiential level that power wants to act, and that all you have to do is to give power something to act upon, you'll find that all of your desires can be fulfilled immediately!

We'll talk again soon...

Your friend in Power,

EA. Koetting