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Mastering Soul Travel, E.A. Koetting

Here Is The Secret Reason Why Spirits ALWAYS Answer Me When I Evoke Them... And Even OFFER To Perform Magick For Me

Editor's Note: Korean black magician and artist, K Blood, helped E.A. and I create the most beautiful trailer for the upcoming program, Mastering Soul Travel. If the ability to translocate between planes of existence, and study with Ascended Masters fascinates you, then you *NEED* to watch this simulation of real soul travel RIGHT HERE.

The narrator asks several profound questions about cosmology...

Does the afterlife exist? Are there other worlds that exist beyond the limits of this physical universe? And if so, can you access them?

On Wednesday, August 27th, join us for the supreme Act of Godhood—Mastering Soul Travel!

Together we become OMNIPRESENT.


Hey Friend,

I’ve called on just about every type of spirit imaginable, using just about every magickal system out there.

Once I found out how evocation actually works, every single entity that I’ve called out to has responded, materializing in front of me and agreeing to use their supernatural powers to improve my life and effect the world around me.

Despite the warnings of danger and disaster that I’ve always read in grimoires and that every occult guru has echoed, I’ve never been harmed by even the most wicked entities that I’ve called.

Here Is The "Secret Reason" Spirits Answer Me...

The spirits come to me when I call them, they listen to me when I speak, they use their ancient wisdom to guide me, and their endless power to aid me.  They don’t do this because I’m special, or because of any secret initiation that I’ve received.

Spirits respond to me in the way that they do because I know how to approach them.

In fact, as I’ve worked through my own magickal evolution, finding out what works and what doesn’t work, I started to notice that all of these different systems of spirit-calling had certain things in common.  Despite the endless dogmatic differences between magickal systems, they all unknowingly agreed that, if the Evocator will do a few specific things in a specific order, that the spirit will appear, and that it will assist you in the fulfillment of your desires.

Sure, the way that these few, specific things are labeled by each group is different, and of course each group denies any fundamental similarity with any other group in order to maintain the image of their make-believe magickal monopoly, but still when applying their individual methods, it became undeniable that every workable system of evocation operates through the application of the same few basic techniques.

I was able to identify 9 of these common, cornerstone steps, which I refer to as “The Elementary Principles of Evocation.”  I broke every single evocation ritual down to their most basic components, discarding the useless religiosities, and saw that the power of the ritual is drawn not from the godnames or the ritual tools, but instead is powered by the sorcerer… as long as he activates his own Godlike Power through these 9 systematic steps.

I Abandoned Fancy Ceremonies—And MORE Spirits Answered Me

In fact, I found out that you can do away with the ceremonialism entirely, using these 9 Elementary Principles alone, and not only have the same success as before, but often you can experience even greater success, as your magickal hands are finally freed from the restraints of the particular mythos and ethos of the systems themselves.

These Elementary Principles of Evocation were first documented in my book, Evoking Eternity, where I tell you how to apply them in a simple formula that takes the Evocator through the entire process of summoning forth ANY spirit successfully, without the confusion and the misdirection that has plagued the subject for centuries.

The first off these Elementary Principles is what I call “Preparatory Immersion.”

Let’s be honest with ourselves: we are using these occult rituals because we want to take the short path. Whether our destination is fortune, sex, recognition, knowledge, love, revenge, or if we are trying to catch a glimpse of god Itself, we’re not willing to patiently wait for it.

In fact, we’re so impatient that we refuse to take the orthodox routes to our goals like everyone else, and so we seek out arcane rituals to give us the power to bend the world to our will so we can get what we want faster than humanly possible.

This inherent impatience can become your enemy in the very first stage of evocation, though, before the ritual is even performed.

When you think about what a ritual summoning is made up of, you’re likely going to imagine candles and incense, black robes and obscure incantations.

If you’re a Sorcerer at heart, even the thought of such an evocation ritual lights a fire in you to get your ritual items together and start calling on some spirits.

Far too often, that’s exactly what magicians do: They have a desire that needs to be fulfilled, they flip through the grimoire closest to their reach, and they start invoking any power that promises to help them.

This is exactly what the First Elementary Principle is all about: getting to know the spirit that you want to call, prior to calling it.

What Average Magicians DO NOT KNOW About Evocation...

What most people don’t know, especially if they’ve never performed a REAL successful evocation, is that in order to contact the spirit, in order to behold its form and discern its voice, and especially in order to funnel its power towards the acquisition of your desires, you have to connect with it on a deep, psychic level.

You see, in the ritual itself, simply calling out the name of the spirit and asking it to come simply isn’t enough.  Your intention, wrapped in the potency of your own limitless presence, needs to reach into the spirit world to see out the spirit, to connect with it, and to pull it back into this world, back to this planet, to stand before you.

Now, how are you going to do that by just standing in a circle and calling a name?

And, what would possibly compel an entity who has existed for longer than the human race has walked upright, to answer your call to appear?

How would it even know who you are, and why would it be compelled to share the secrets of its immortal power with you?

For that matter, how would you even know if the right spirit shows up?

On the other hand, what might happen if you had already made the connection with the ancient entity prior to lighting a single ritual candle?  What if you had already established a relationship of respect and trust?

And, how immensely would you personally benefit from not only having a name and a symbol to focus on, but instead you could call the spirit’s name and know who you are calling, on a personal basis?

Calling A Friend For Help Is More Effective Than Calling A Stranger!

Calling on a friend for help is almost always going to be more effective than calling on a stranger.

Now, it’s not hard to establish this deep, psychic connection to the spirit.  There is an adage in the occult that “What you put your attention upon will also begin to pay attention to you.”

So, all that you need to do is start paying attention the spirit as you prepare for the ritual in which you’ll be calling it forth for help.

Instead of grabbing the name and sigil out of some book and lighting your candles and incense right away, ask yourself some questions about the spirit.

Who am I calling?  Where does the name come from?  What specific magickal or religious system does it appear in?  What does it look like?  What is its personality like?  What are some of the things that it enjoys, and what does it dislike? What other spirits does it tend to mingle with?

Then, start chasing down answers.  Research the spirit.  Find out who it is, not just what it is.  Make it personal.

As you do this, you’ll find that the presence of the spirit begins to form around you long before your first conjuration.  It recognizes the attention you’re paying to it, and it will begin to pay attention to you.

What you are trying to do is to make the spirit a real being, a personality, an entity with not only a name, but a spirit with a face, with a story.  Through your preparatory immersion into who it is, you will transmute it in your mind from a spiritual servant that you can conjure and constrain into an eternal ally that you want to meet.

There are those who feel that spirits are all in the head, that they are merely projections of the imagination, and that the success of the ritual hinges on some sort of psychodrama.  While this is preposterous to any magician with enough real experience, even those who take this stance can be encouraged that engaging yourself in this first principle of Preparatory Immersion will make the subjective synthesis of the ritual all the more psychologically stimulating, and therefore all the more successful.

Either way, you can only benefit from following through with this initial stage of the evocation, even when you don’t want to delay the ritual.

If You Do THIS, It Guarantees Victory

If you do this, you’ve basically guaranteed your success with your planned evocation. The spirit will materialize, you will be able to effectively communicate with it, and it will bend reality to your will in ways that you never dreamed possible.  And, you will likely have forge an alliance that will benefit you for the rest of your life, and beyond.

If you fail to make this initial preparatory immersion into the spirit as an individual consciousness, at best your rituals will fail and produce nothing, and at worst the very forces that you are calling upon for help can turn against you.

Evocation is simple.  At least, it CAN be.

Do you have difficulty summoning? Are you scared? Or, perhaps you are confused by all the conflicting information in the various grimoires?

There is no reason to suffer in silence. I can assist your Journey. In fact, my personal consultations have enabled hundreds of magicians to get the CONFIDENCE and CLARITY necessary for calling the spirits to their aide, and manifesting their desires.

Are you adult enough to ask for help? Are you smart enough to admit you don't know everything? Are you finally ready to ASCEND?

Yes, E.A., Please Help Me Ascend! »

A real black magician possesses the humility to acknowledge their weaknesses—then does anything it takes to turn them into strengths. A mentorship is the perfect solution, because I provide unbiased and sober criticism that will WAKE YOU UP. And then we lock arms and fix whatever is not working.

I'll talk to you again soon...

You friend,

EA. Koetting