Laurie Penumatikos, authoress

Awakening Lucifer presents a fresh viewpoint on many of the old myths and Luciferian archetypes. This book is for those who want a deeper understanding of the many faces of Lucifer and how this figure relates to mankind. By delving into the ancient Sumerian and Babylonian legends, this book takes the reader beyond the Biblical fallen angel. It’s a beautiful grimoire written by two highly respected occultists!

Diane Narraway, authoress

There is power behind the words. This book is for serious occultists and those seeking communion, self-initiation and ultimately the wisdom/gnosis that comes with it. Awakening Lucifer brings a deeper understanding of the Lucifer archetype and along with it something new and exciting for both the reader the future. Would absolutely recommend!!

Edgar Kerval, author

This magnificent grimoire is an inner call to self-illumination and apotheosis through powerful explorations, transforming the spirit into a vessel of the Luciferian essence in flesh, with the purpose to learn to operate on this plane as gods and goddesses and open astral gates in diverse magickal workings. Awakening Lucifer is a symbol of self-liberation and inner devotion transcending into self-perfection in every stage of life.

Frank White, founder of the Grail of the Serpent

Kurtis Joseph has explored and awoken a Current that will shape the aeon. He`s written a comprehensive guide on the Darkest Sorcery, and at the same time has lit a torch that illuminates a path into the unspeakable. This grimoire and its spirits will send shockwaves throughout the collective unconscious of mankind, for better or worse, the gates have been opened. Read it, work it and truly understand the meaning of finding the brightest light in the blackest darkness.

Asenath Mason, author of Qliphothic Meditations

This is not only an evocative tome, with spells and rituals allowing for access to this ancient path of sorcery, but also an incredibly informative book full of personal gnosis received directly from Ahriman and his dark spirits. Rituals presented here are not found in any other books of magic and constitute a completely unique and powerful grimoire, a truly magical and inspiring tome that will give you a solid foundation for your personal work with the path that over the ages has been embraced only by few, but forbidden and feared by many.

Asbjörn Torvol, author of The Heathen

Kurtis has written this wonderful piece in an area I am very unfamiliar with, yet it does strike me as being not only a very powerful system but also one that allows the practitioner to harness something rather unique. It is common to see Satanic, Norse or African traditions explored but I cannot say that I have ever seen anything like this. Kurtis delves right into the depths of the Persian system, this book presents a rare opportunity for occultists to delve into uncharted territory and learn a system without any preconceived misconceptions. Truly a book needed in our occult community.

S. Ben Qayin, author

“The Devil, Suicide, Apocalypse, Nihilism, The Abyss” is truly a work for the ‘New Age’. Alas God Is Dead ! But What Now ? This work takes the reader into the religious and governmental psyche of man from the stone age on to the present, and indulges us by giving a glance of what could come. Though the subject matter is quite serious, the work is written with an air of jest; (one revealing a sorrowful truth with the wink of an eye and a jab to the ribs) that makes one smile in spite of its gloomy revelations. Written as a treatise penned by the Devil himself, I found the work to be refreshingly, poetically and tragically…needed.

Asbjörn Torvol, author

Timothy has written this masterpiece portraying some of the most important concepts many occultist have swept to the side failing to dissect. He has torn down the Devil and Religion to its raw core and unlike most Timothy does not tip toe around the issue but rather gives you the raw truth. While it may make the reader uncomfortable it is exactly what we need. This book perfectly outlines the psychological element of the Devil inherent in all of us and truly empowers the practitioner by witnessing the death of not only God but also of dogmatism and the need for religion. I recommend this book to anyone not only in the LHP but also any in search of raw truth. This may even be one of the best pieces I have read regarding the occult.

E.A. Koetting, author

The function of the Devil in every religion and every system is not to lead the righteous astray, nor is it to destroy that which is good.  The Devil serves the single purpose of exposing the sins of the Highest.  Timothy’s book, “The Devil” is indeed the Devil’s work, exposing the sins of those who would claim to be without sin, revealing the secret evils of the righteous, and putting the blame squarely on the shoulders of “god,” where it truly belongs!  Timothy’s genius is a sharp sword, and in “The Devil” he decapitates “god” with a single blow!

Edgar Kerval, author

Asbjörn Torvol is a dedicated author and handcrafted individual focusing deeply into diverse forms of sorcery. mostly of his work is strongly connected with Norse shamanism, in which he has been working for years. He is one of the promising authors coming with visionary ideas and transformative spiritual process handled in a very focused way.