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From the very opening chapter of Scholomance, I immediately realized I was biting into the living pulse of gnosis of the Damned — a pulse that pours into us from the deepest artery of Initiation, rooted in the earliest Vampiric Strain. Blackwood casts aside the eclipse that has veiled the ancient history of the magical school of the Dracúl.

A epoch-making work, Scholomance answers the unending hunger of the Strain, present in the astral nexus that, like a shadow hand, guided you dear reader to this work. Blackwood not only provides a full historical account of its inner workings and secrets, but charts a course to its heart through the modern world's most forbidden sites, where the Adept can directly reconnect with the rich Undead Current.

Scholomance empowers the true Seeker with not only the rites and spells of the Vampiric Strain and Black Flame, but a complete modernize curriculum on how to cultivate the required skill set needed for success. Of course, Blackwood honestly warns of the full costs and challenges you encounter when you venture to become an Initiate in the School of the Devil.