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When I first heard about Slut Water I knew I needed this for trauma healing. Honestly, it called to me. I used the advice and instructions that were sent with it, along with my own ritual in which I was intuitively guided to invoke Medusa. And this seems to be right up her alley, it was almost as if she was waiting to assist me with this. Through channeling I was told to take a dab of the Slut Water and place it on each of my energy centers (chakras). Immediately I could feel a rush through each energy center. I never realized how each chakra gets so clogged from these traumas but the potency of this water broke what I now realize as obstructed energy centers. Now I can truly breakthrough with my healing. I’m excited to keep working with this phenomenal tool to help me reclaim the things that were taken from me. There are so many possibilities and ways to use Slut Water. It’s most definitely something I’m going to keep on hand.