Conner Kendall, author of The Black Magician’s Handbook

I’ve read many books, grimoires, and guides that relate to spiritual protection, magickal defense, and the maintenance of one’s own metaphysical hygiene. Yet, this is by far the best culmination of information and techniques, ranging from some of the most unique and powerful methods of spiritual wellness and fortification of one’s spiritual protection from any and all kinds of harm, danger, or negative repercussions. No matter what level of development you’re at, whether it’s beginner, intermediate, or adept, this is still a handbook I’d definitely recommend. From now on, whenever I’m asked about a recommendation for this category of magick, this will be my go-to spellbook. Congratulations to E.A. Koetting, Maggie Moon and Zeraphina Angelus for creating such a outstanding tome.

Become A Living God