Dean Kirkland, Norse magician

Asbjörn Torvol is a truly intuitive Vitki. His work in the Western mystery traditions prior to exploring the path of the Northern tradition sorcerer gave him an a very good basis in magickal theory that he readily applies to other areas of esoteric work. He has a very strong link to the ancestors and wights of Northern Europe and an instinctive understanding of their needs, and as a result is able to make connections that few others see. He also takes a balanced approach working with the Æsir, Vanir and Rokkr in equal measure, something that’s sadly missing from the practices of many modern Vitki. He truly understands the capability of the human spirit to rise above its current state, and so readily takes an egalitarian and inclusive approach to spreading knowledge of the old ways, and helping to maximize the potential of all who cross his path.