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To see my name set in print in the same vicinity as the authors and teachers who have taught and inspired me is perhaps the most amazing form of recognition of the value of my work. Throughout my rise, one black sorcerer has been referred to more than any other as my competition: Michael W. Ford. The name Michael W. Ford has nearly become synonymous with Luciferianism. There is no question that Michael walks with Lucifer. This text is Ford's best, most complete primer on Luciferianism. In my own valuation of his work, though, I am much more impressed by the focus on what I call The Inner Game — how to 'be' magick instead of merely practicing magick; how to embody freedom instead of seeking to be free; how to become power itself. Ford underscores the fact that the freedom and power is not only presented within the ritual temple, but is integrated in every aspect of the black magician’s life and self, from the most transcendental to the most mundane—all of which are encompassed by and divulged through Apotheosis!