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Rituals of Pleasure pushes sex magick further, deeper, and darker than ever before. Demonic orgies, Black Magick BDSM, sex rituals to invite demon possession, and the ceremonial impregnation of Demonic Nephilim are just a few rungs on the descent into the primal self. The sexual titillation of the decadent rites are in actuality only baiting the magician into a much greater alchemical ignition that is bound to begin a self-transmutative process before the reader is even halfway through the first rite. Rituals of Pleasure is far from a dry grimoire of ceremonial sex magick, though. Asenath addresses the most taboo sexual acts with perfect clarity and literary illustration—without compromising the classiness of her authorial skill, without once falling into vulgarity. Rituals Of Pleasure is the definitive work on Left Hand Path Sex Magick!