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Asenath Mason and Zeraphina Angelus have fulfilled a much-needed void in occult literature and grimoiric magick with their forthcoming release of The Goddesses of Necromancy.

Throughout my lifetime of studying the occult and ritual magick, I have found countless books on angels, demons, and even gods of darkness… but I’ve always noticed a severe absence of The Goddess. It seemed that, as long as The Goddess represented all that is light and loving, I could find her everywhere on the Right Hand Path, but it was as if the entire world had been actively ignoring The Dark Goddesses. Until now!

Asenath Mason and Zeraphina Angelus reveal the most powerful and often the most challenging Dark Goddesses of Necromancy, along with rituals, meditations, and invocations to bring the essence of these goddesses into your life.

The Goddesses of Necromancy is a magickal journey into the Divine and Diabolical Feminine unlike anything ever written, and is a must-have in every magician’s magickal library!