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The world has needed The Black Magician’s Handbook for a long time. I actually spent a good deal of my early life searching for a manual that would lay out all of the fundamental rituals of black magick for me, but no such book existed. I even attempted to write the manual myself, most notably in my second published book Works of Darkness, in which I succeeded at presenting a handful of what I considered the most important magickal practices, but even after my own efforts, the world was still without a one-in-all black magick handbook that anybody could pick up and begin to craft their own magick. Conner Kendall has delivered such a prized sorcerer’s manual in The Black Magician’s Handbook. The author pulls from his own magickal struggle and achievements, telling the reader exactly what he did that worked, as well as what didn’t work. The most important part, in my opinion, is that the author makes sure to present several options for each of his recommended practices, allowing every ritual in this book to be tailored to each reader’s individual needs.