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1/31/19 - Hi Jesse, a quick follow up on a few astonishing results in January after the ritual on December, 9th... (1) I won the executive of the month award and annual bonus. (2) I got offered a better a higher paid position in [redacted]. (3) THIS IS AMAZING!!! I got called from the leader of the new [redacted] Party in [redacted] and invited to attend the Congress of [redacted] in 3 weeks. The leader of the party will provide everything for me and has invited me to attend even the private dinner with him, the heads of the party, the former leader of the [redacted], the former [redacted] and a few members of the [redacted]. I will be in charge with getting them featured on the international press.

POWER & EMPIRE! Thank you Jesse. Be great!

"There is a how for every impossible."

4/31/19 - Just to update you on a few issues. After the ritual on December, 9th (1) I was featured on the New Zealand Herald (the main newspaper in New Zealand) in January; (2) I did consulting to Members of the Italian Parliament and spent the entire permanence with them (including lunch and dinner) in February; (3) Last weekend I was asked to write an article on the second major newspaper in Italy; and (4) last night I found an investor that, as a consequence of this article, is pledging to invest 5k per month in my business for the next few months and available to raise the investment if some amazing results are shown. We still need to discuss the shares but there shouldn't be any problem. Rock 'n Roll!!!!! "There is a how for every impossible"