Martin McGreggor, author of Paths to Satan

An inspired addition to the World Domination Series, The Deification Magick Spellbook is a comprehensive guide to discovering and unleashing the God within. Andrieh Vitimus’ rites, along with the rituals I have provided, establish a process for unlocking the Godlike powers within all of Humanity. N.D. Blackwood and E.A. Koetting have developed effective, practical magick for the application of those powers within the real, living world. This is not only a handbook for Ascension, but also a practical manual for real-world witchcraft. Claims are often made about the dark and dangerous rituals held within modern grimoires, but little more is offered than cheap theatrics. Undeniably, this work holds some of the most powerful, blasphemous, and outright dangerous rites for Alchemy of the self ever conceived. You will be tested. Refuse to relent!

Become A Living God