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As Magus of The Order of Phosphorus and High Priest (Archon) of the first recognized Luciferian church established officially in the United States by the Government in 2014, expanding Luciferian philosophy and magickal practice has been an immense and rewarding task that offers wonderful results via initiation for some serious Black Adepts. One of these individuals who embody uniquely, the Luciferian current is Priestess Maggie Moon. I have had contact with Maggie for many years and have watched her ascend and with blazing consistency, move the wheel of Liberation, Illumination, and Apotheosis forward.

Maggie possesses all the elements required to enhance and illuminate her Black Flame in a way that I have envisioned: it is uniquely her own, having a sense for adaptation and expansion. I consider Priestess Maggie Moon to be a balanced Luciferian Witch who has much to offer to those seeking initiation upon the Left-Hand Path.

I highly recommend this grimoire and encourage you to proceed upon the path: adapting and expanding the Adversarial Current in your own unique form. The 11 Points of Power is the foundation upon which this may be ever so!