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N.D. Blackwood, author of Draugadróttinn

Witches often make their first contact with The Occult in search of spells or techniques capable of making them master of their love lives, of attracting the ideal loved one to them, or of bringing innumerable conquests to their feet. No grimoire, until this day, had brought as much clarification as this one in the field of the Love Magick. In the hands of a total dabbler, the methods described in this book prove to be incredibly effective. This triple spellbook reveals everything from conjuring true love, to lustful encounters, to emotional happiness and self-respect, and more taboo areas like extramarital affairs, this book allows a comprehensive mastery of the Amorous Spell. In the hands of an Adept, Love Magick can elevate you on the Path of Ascent. E.A. Koetting, Rose Crowley, and Maggie Moon hand out all the keys you need to become a true living succubus.

Become A Living God