N.D. Blackwood, author of Scholomance

Occult books written from a purely feminine point of views are rare in occult libraries, that’s why I was delighted to discover the existence of this grimoire authored by two of the best woman witches of our time. Working frequently with Goddesses such a Hecate and Ereshkigal inside the Vampiric Current, I was first intrigued to discover them under their perspective. The result of this working was beyond my expectations. This grimoire written by Asenath Mason and Zeraphina Angelus is a masterpiece that not only cover the main feminine deities related to Death figure of each pantheon, but also dives into various forms of magick, from an astral perspective, to Norse shamanism, and ritualistic approaches. For any person expecting to deepen their practice with the Dark Feminine, this book is a must have.

Become A Living God